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Check Luggage? Carry It On? The Debate Rages On…

It used to be that the decision to check a bag or carry it on was simply a matter of how long your trip was and how much stuff you felt like bringing. But these days, everything has changed…

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The 9 Types of Backpackers You’ll Come Across While Abroad

When you travel abroad, you’re bound to meet many types of interesting people along the way. Backpacking in particular will introduce you to the weirdest and most wonderful personalities. Distinct from other tourists, these travelers opt for communal accommodations to maximize their budget, experience the lesser known, and meet other like-minded globetrotters.

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China Healthcare Travel News

What We Can Learn from China’s Healthcare Program

Even though it’s still considered a developing nation, the People’s Republic of China is one of today’s major global powers. Its phenomenal growth over the last half century has made it home to the world’s second-largest economy and roughly 20% of its population. According to the World Bank, China has “experienced the fastest ... Read More ›