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Expedited Chinese Business & Tourist Visa Service

Avoid Two Trips to the Consulate and Long Lines

Expedite Your China Visa Now

We Do It for You

You are ready to go to China and everything is booked. Except you need your visa (and you need it fast)! 


Save yourself from TWO trips and crazy lines at the consulate. Swift will handle everything for you

How It Works

Gather Required Items For Your China Visa

Gather Required Items For Your China Visa

We take the guesswork out of this crucial step, providing you with checklists and resources to make filling out paperwork easy for you.

Ship the Required Documents to Swift

Ship the Required Documents to Swift

Use FedEx or UPS to send swift the required items

We'll FedEx Your Visa to You!

We'll FedEx Your Visa to You!

Once the Visa is issued, we will ship the visa to you- Enjoy your trip to China!


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