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Dads, Don’t Let this Happen to Your Passport

Jul 08, 2014

It's unclear whether this is actually true, but regardless of its basis in reality, this story is a great lesson in keeping your passport safe, even from your kids.

Apparently, a Chinese man is currently stuck in South Korea because his four-year-old son drew doodles all over his passport with a felt tip pen. As the picture shows, the son apparently gave his dad a new hairdo, fuller lips, and some lovely pictures of animals and flowers to accompany his passport image. Supposedly the man…

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Getting Emergency Help while Traveling Overseas

Jul 06, 2014

Traveling to a foreign country is one of the best experiences a person can have. Travel is a chance to broaden your horizons, learn more about the world around you, experience new cultures, and otherwise have the time of your life. For Americans in particular, traveling to other countries is getting simpler and safer all the time. The US State Department works hard to help ensure that travelers have all the right resources that they need when abroad, and that includes emergency resources.


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Interpol Taking Steps to Detect Stolen Passports

Jul 05, 2014

Last month Interpol called on airlines around the world to better utilize Interpol's Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) database to help deter people traveling with false identities. The push has come largely due to the recent news that there were two people with stolen passports on the Malaysian flight that disappeared a few months ago. Both of the

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