Vietnam eVisa

Swift can help you get your E-Visa to Vietnam for tourism and business purposes. 

We Make It Easy for You

Getting your eVisa to Vietnam is easy when you choose to use Swift.  You can complete your application online, submit the required fees, and then get your Vietnam E-Visa quickly and without any hassles.  Count on our years of expertise to get your Vietnam E- Visa to you on-time.

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Get Your E-Visa to Vietnam in 3 Easy Steps

Complete Application

Fill out your Vietnam eVisa application. We’ve made it easy for you to do this online.

Upload Paperwork

We may ask you to print out and to upload some required paperwork before we process your E-Visa to Vietnam.

Get Your E-Visa to Vietnam

Swift will review, process, and email your Vietnam online visa to you so you can enjoy your trip!


How Much Does It Cost To Get A Vietnam eVisa?

The application fee for US passport holders is $175.00. On top of the application fee, there are other common Vietnam E-Visa fees depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Visas may also be expedited for an additional cost. Below are the Consulate Fees for the Vietnam e-visa. Swift Fees are in addition to this fee.

Ready to Get Your E-Visa to Vietnam?

Vietnam has quickly become one of the top places to visit in Southeast Asia.  Well known for its beauty and gorgeous landscapes, Vietnam is sure to become one of your favorite places to visit. You have so many opportunities for fun when you visit this lush country.  Go snorkeling in the tropical reefs of Nha Trang or hike the mountains of Sa Pa!  Vietnam provides a travel experience like no other.

Common eVisa Vietnam Questions

The process is simple and can be completed entirely online.  You'll fill out an application, pay the required fees, and then your e-Visa will be delivered to you electronically.

Online visas to Vietnam are available to citizens of 80 countries, including the United States.

E-Visas to Vietnam are single entry only and they last for 30 days.  They can be obtained for business or tourism.

You can get a Vietnam visa online through this page and by using Swift's services.  You'll fill out an online application, submit fees, and then your e-Visa will be delivered to you electronically.

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Happy & Safe Travels!

The Swift team hopes you enjoy your trip to Vietnam.  After you have applied for and received your Vietnam eVisa, you can sit back and start making your list of things-to-do when you visit this gorgeous country.  If we can help with anything else, please let us know!

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