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Swift is always looking for new contributors to our blog.  Whether you want to submit an article or share photos, we’d love to hear from you!

We Welcome New Voices

Do you like to write about travel, adventure, trends, culture, or the world? If so, we want to hear from you.

By applying to become a Swift contributor, you can showcase your writing skills on a blog that has millions of views each year!

  • Write articles on topics you are passionate about.
  • Be featured on a blog that gets thousands of daily views. 
  • Share your knowledge and valuable information with avid readers.
  • Be part of an enthusiastic, humanitarian-focused, and fun team.
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Ready to Be Part of the Swift Blog?

Swift Editorial Guidelines

The Swift blog is a huge resource read by thousands of people daily.  It’s very important to us that the quality of information we provide is exceptional. 

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • article must be at least 750 words
  • one link is allowed in the body of the article to author’s website (we will check the link prior to approving the post to ensure quality)
  • author must provide an image and short text for their bio
  • if the content has many spelling and grammatical errors and/or is poorly written, we reserve the right to not accept it
  • content must be original and unique (we will check for duplicate content)
  • once content is posted on the Swift website, Swift becomes the owner of it – but you are given credit as the author and we encourage you to share

What Happens After You’re Approved

Our Marketing Director will reach out to you directly. Together, you will brainstorm ideas and select a topic. You’ll have time to write your piece and will submit to us for review. We’ll quickly review your piece, make any edits, and then share our revisions with you before publishing to the Swift blog. We’ll let you know the date your piece will go live. You can write for us more than once. In fact, we love having regular contributors.

Getting Started Guide

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