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How It Works

Gather Together Required Documents

Gather Together Required Documents

We take the guesswork out of this crucial step, providing you with checklists and resources to make filling out paperwork easy for you.

Place Your Order Online

Place Your Order Online

Select a time frame that is best for you, and you will receive your passport or visa in the requested time. 24-hour turnarounds are possible in many cases.

Send Us Your Documentation

Send Us Your Documentation

Once you have your requirements gathered and your order has been placed, please ship them to Swift. Chicagoland residents can even stop by our office for added assurance.

Smart businesses choose Swift to manage their international travel documents, from expedited passports to business visas, so you can remain focused on your job.

The Swift Difference

Swift Passport and Visa Services brings over 50 years combined experience specializing in expedited passport and expedited visa services. We turn the often daunting passport and visa application process into a refreshingly simple and hassle-free experience. Why? Because we’ve been there.

  • Application assistance.
  • Authorized by the US Passport Agency
  • Provide regular status updates.
  • Ensure accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Don’t worry about your trip. Swift can get you on your way.

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