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China Consulate in Chicago Has Made Key Jurisdiction Changes: What You Should Know

An important part of applying for a China visa is knowing and understanding which jurisdiction you reside in. Not only can this information help you get your visa quickly, but it ensures that you aren’t applying at the wrong consulate. It’s important to stay up-to-date with all of the current ...
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Beyond the Great Wall: 5 Captivating Cities to Visit in China

There are so many destinations around the world for you to explore, that it can be hard to choose just one. But if you are conflicted on where to plan your next trip, there is one spot that we highly recommend everyone see at least once – China. This breathtaking ...
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Traveling For Events

5 Tips For Planning Travel Around Major Sporting Events

Each year, millions of people travel all over the globe to see the world’s greatest athletes compete in major sporting events. But in 2024, a lot more people are expected to travel for these types of events than normal, due to the US Open, the Tour de France, and the ...
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Procrastinator’s Guide: Last-Minute Travel Checklist to Save the Day

There are two types of travelers in this world – those who plan ahead and those who like to wait until the last minute. If you are a self-proclaimed procrastinator when it comes to getting everything ready for your trip, you may find that you tend to forget things that ...
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Three Budding European Cities to Visit in 2024

Europe is filled with incredible travel opportunities, from the metropolitan beaches of Barcelona to the quaint and historic canals of Amsterdam. These classic destinations remain popular amongst international tourists, but there is a rising demand for less mainstream places. Often, these spots can be cheaper – but no less charming.  ...
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Travel News

The Travel Tech Revolution: Exploring the Impact of New Technologies

Technology is everywhere around us, and is only becoming more advanced as the years go by. This is especially true when looking at how prominent technology has become in the travel industry. Face scanners are being introduced in airports, streamlining the security process. Hotels are utilizing smart keys, reducing the ...
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Business Travel

Navigating 2024’s Premier Business Travel Spots: Expert Tips Inside

Business travel is making a comeback, and is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. This means that more and more companies are sending their employees on business trips to network and expand their reach. But with so many prime business travel destinations around the world, it can be somewhat difficult to ...
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Up In The Air: Swift Edition

Exploring the world and seeing new places is one of the most incredible things that you can do, and it’s something that everyone on our team has a passion for. But as we all know, getting to your destination can be quite the journey at times, especially if you have ...
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Family Travel

10 Tips For Planning Your First International Trip as a Family

There’s something so special about getting out and exploring everything that the world has to offer. This is especially true when you plan an international trip that you can go on with your family. However, we understand that getting started on planning a vacation overseas can be a bit intimidating ...
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