E-Visa Services

If you are ready to apply for your E-Visa, Swift is here to help and will make sure you have your eVisa on time.

Get Your E-Visa in Just 3 Steps

Step One: Complete Application

After you navigate to your desired country’s E-Visa page, you will be asked to submit your order and complete an online application. The application will take you less than 30 minutes.

Step Two: Upload Paperwork

Each country requires specific documents to be provided by the traveler. Swift will tell you which documents you need to submit. We’re here to help!

Step Three: Get Your E-Visa

After you submit your application and documents, Swift will review everything. Then, we will process your application and deliver your eVisa to you electronically.

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Common E-Visa Questions

An E-Visa is a travel document that is delivered electronically.  Instead of going through the traditional visa process, which requires a ton of paperwork, E-Visas can be applied for online and are delivered electronically. 

You can use Swift to apply for your eVisa!  The process is easy.  Simply select the country you want to go to, fill out an online application, upload the required documents, and Swift will review everything and then send your E-Visa electronically. 

No, not all countries offer E-Visas.  Some countries still have you go through a different process and that process is dependent upon the type of visa you are obtaining. 

Generally speaking, E-Visas are offered at a lower cost than traditional visas.  This is due to the fact that everything is completed online, making the application process affordable. 


When you apply for an eVisa, you will be asked to upload specific documents.  The documents will vary based on the country’s requirements.  Swift will tell you which documents to upload when you apply.

The time it takes to process an E-Visa varies by country.  However, most eVisas take several business days to complete versus weeks.  Also, the application process is online and only takes about 30 minutes to finish. 

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Happy & Safe Travels!

If you need help with an E-Visa, trust the friendly team at Swift.  We are leaders in the industry and we are ready to help you through the entire eVisa process.  Whether you have a question about the application or need assistance with your order, our team is here every step of the way. 

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