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UAE Visas Travel News, Visa & Passport Policy Changes

Extending Your UAE Visa Just Got Easier

Planning to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Then we have good news for you. While you do need a visa (on arrival for US passport holders) to visit the UAE, extending your visa just got a lot easier.

Most people who visit the UAE do so with either a visit visa, which is valid ... Read More ›

Know Before You Go

Travel Spotlight on Sri Lanka

If you’re an avid traveler, you may have seen Sri Lanka popping up on a lot of “hot destination” lists over the last few years, and for good reason. The island nation off of the southern tip of India went through a long and trying civil war that spanned more than two decades and only ... Read More ›

Business Travel and Millennials Business Travel

Business Travel Considered a “Perk” for Millennials

A recent survey about business travel provided some insights that might seem shocking to Baby Boomers and Gen X… but downright average to Millennials. The biggest takeaway from the Tripactions survey – which polled 2,900 travelers this June – is that 90% of Millennials see traveling for work as a perk of their jobs.

Again, ... Read More ›