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hispanics denied passports Expedited Passports, Travel News

Hispanics Report They Were Denied Passports in Texas

Reports from South Texas show that a growing number of Hispanic Americans are being denied passports. In many cases, the individuals who are being denied by the State Department are people who have been issued passports in the past, people who have served in the US military, and people who have birth records that ... Read More ›

Expedited Visas

What type of India visa should I get?

Your nationality, purpose of travel, and lead time all play into the choices you have when it comes to getting an India visa.

If you are a US citizen, or have a passport from a country that is eligible to apply for an India ETA Visa, then you have 2 options. Below are the pros ... Read More ›

non gender passports Expedited Passports

Recent Judge Ruling: Passports Cannot Be Denied Due to Not Picking a Gender

September wasn’t exactly what we’d call a “light” news month. With everything that’s going on in the country and around the world, you may have missed this wonderful story out of Colorado. Last month, a federal judge ruled that a person could not be denied a US passport solely for refusing to identify as ... Read More ›