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If you need help getting an Andorra visa, count on Swift to make the process easy and hassle-free.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visas

No visa is required for business or tourist travelers for stays of 90 days or less, below are the specific entry requirements per the US Department of State website, please reference this website for recent travel requirement changes and more detailed information.

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Before You Apply

Know you will need to have the following basic documents when you apply for your Bosnia and Herzegovina visa. Other documents may be requested. You will be provided with a full list of documents and requirements when you submit your order through Swift.

Valid Passport

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months.


You will need to submit photos for your Bosnia and Herzegovina visa application. We strongly suggest you take a look at our photo guidelines to ensure your photo is accepted.

Supporting Documentation

You may need to provide supporting documents such as a flight itinerary for tourism, a letter or invitation for business, or a program acceptance letter for students.


For traditional visas, you’ll be asked to complete an application specific to the country you are traveling to. For e-visas, the application will be electronic.

Applying for a Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa: 3 Easy Steps

Click Order Now and you will be asked a few questions about your passport to check that it is valid and has not expired. You’ll then enter basic contact information and choose visa options from our dropdown menus until you are guided to the right visa product for your travel needs. In some cases, it may be a traditional visa.  In others, it will be an e-visa (electronic visa). You will then submit your order and make payment.

After you submit your order, you will be provided with a full list of requirements that must be fulfilled along with a list of documents. Swift will guide you through these items step-by-step. Once you have gathered all documents, you will ship them to Swift using FedEx or UPS (do NOT use USPS). You will ship documents to:

Swift Passport & Visa Services
1 E Erie St
Suite 525
Chicago, IL 60611

If you are applying for an e-visa, you will complete your application online and we will direct you to the application page after you submit your order.

Swift will review your information, application, and carefully check your documents. If anything is missing or incorrect, we will reach out to you immediately. Once everything is in order, we will process your visa. It will then be shipped to you. We will update you throughout the process so you know when your visa will arrive. 

Why Choose Swift Passport & Visa Services

Travel Experts

Travel Experts

The Swift team consists of travel experts who have decades of industry experience. From processing passports, to understanding the ever-changing requirements for visas, our team is highly knowledgeable and eager to help. Count on our expertise to make the travel document process easy for you.

Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty

We're a small team, but a mighty one! Since the day we started Swift, customer service has been our top priority. We're able to provide the same solutions larger companies offer, but with the special attention to detail that only a smaller team can deliver. At Swift, every customer matters. We go out of our way to ensure each interaction is positive and personable.



Applying for a passport or visa is one of the most frustrating things a person can do. We do our part to make sure the process is easy and convenient for every customer. Whether you want your paperwork reviewed by an expert, need to know which step is next, or have questions, our entire team is here to guide you.



We are effective communicators who know how important timelines are, especially when our customers are about to depart for international trips. Our team will always provide you with up-to-date information about your travel documents and go the extra mile to make sure you remain informed.


Start Your Order to Receive a Quote

Visa prices vary and are dependent on the country, type of visa, processing time, and shipping.  When you start your order, you’ll be provided with a quote for your visa. 

Important Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa Details

Additional Information

  • No visa is required for business or tourist travelers for stays of 90 days or less, below are the specific entry requirements per the US Department of State website, please reference this website for recent travel requirement changes and more detailed information.
  • A passport valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure is required to enter Botswana. US citizens are permitted stays up to 90 days total within a 12 month period without a visa. If visitors are planning on staying longer, or have already exceeded the 90 day per year maximum, or who have not already obtained an airline ticket to depart Botswana, they will be required to obtain a visa prior to arrival. Travelers who attempt to enter Botswana with a temporary travel document [12-page emergency photo-digitized passport (EPDP)] must have a visa to enter Botswana. It is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival in Botswana, and US citizens without a visa in their temporary passport will face possible fines and long administrative delays.
  • While there is no specific requirement in Botswana that visitors have a certain number of blank pages in their passport, most flights in/out of Botswana transit through South Africa, which has a strictly enforced policy requiring at least one completely blank visa page and frequently insists on travelers having two completely blank visa pages. Please note that these pages are in addition to the endorsement/amendment pages at the back of the passport. Without a sufficient number of blank pages, travelers, even when in possession of a valid South African visa, may be refused entry into South Africa, fined, and returned to their point of origin at the traveler’s expense.
  • Your nationality, purpose of visit, length of visit, and number of desired entries effect whether or not you need a visa to this country. 
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