Chile Visa Requirements

US citizens with a valid passport do not need a visa to travel to Chile for business or tourism.

Please note, Swift does not offer visa services to this country and is unfortunately unable to help you with this destination.  However, we have included some basic information on travel requirements below:

Chile Visa Notes

Non USA passport holders should check to see if a visa is required for their nationality here:

Applicants may have to pick up the passport directly from the Chicago consulate as they need to sign a document once the visa is issued.  SPS will contact you if they are unable to pick up your pssport and issued visa

Visa Applications must be submitted in the proper jurisdiction, jurisdiction is determined by where you reside.  Please note that you must appear in person for your visa unless you live in the Chicago jurisdiction.  If you do not live in the Chicago jurisdiction, please visit the Embassy of Chile website for more information. 

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