Israel Visa Requirements

US citizens with a valid passport do not need a visa to travel to Israel for business or tourism.

Please note, Swift does not offer visa services to this country and is unfortunately unable to help you with this destination.  However, we have included some basic information on travel requirements below:

US Passport Holder Travel Requirements

You must have a passport valid 6 months past your return date from Israel, and you must have at least 1 blank visa page. Tourist and business visas are required, but are obtained at the port of entry.  Due to frequent travel warnings, Swift recommends checking out the US State Department website for the most up-to-date information on Israeli travel requirements and travel warnings.

If you are concerned about traveling to Israel because of UAE or other stamps in your passport, please reference our blog article, Israeli Passport Stamps and Travel to the UAE, for more information.

Non US Passport Holder Travel Requirements

Your nationality, purpose of visit, length of visit, and number of desired entries effect whether or not you need a visa to this country.

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