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Get an Expedited Visa or Passport in 3 Easy Steps Today!

How it Works:

Step 1Step 1:  Gather Together Required Documents

 Your first step is to visit the instruction page for the visa service or passport service you wish to obtain.  Our website is designed to provide you with detailed instructions that will position you to be fully prepared for the application process, and ensure the best chance of having your paperwork accepted and travel document issued with no hassle.  For the best possible outcome and fastest possible turn-around on your service, please follow our instructions carefully making sure you have each requirement properly prepared before sending Swift your documents.  If visa requirements are not listed for the country you wish to travel, we can still assist!  Just give us a call and we can email you detailed instructions.

Step 2Step 2:  Place Your Order Online

Once you have gathered together the requirements for your visa or passport service, please place your order.  When you place your order, you are confirming your contact information, payment information, and return shipping information.  You may place your order online, or you can place your order by phone by calling: 877-917-9438.


Step 3Step 3:  Send Swift Your Application Materials

Once you have your requirements gathered and your order has been placed, please ship them to Swift using FedEx or UPS (not USPS).  Our Shipping Instruction Page details the best way to ship your documents.

Don’t worry about your trip. Swift can get you on your way.

IMPORTANT:  Communication and Follow-Up

Swift is committed to keeping you updated throughout your service, but we promise not to bombard you with email and phone calls!  Here is what you can expect from Swift once you have shipped us your documents.

  • Once you have made payment you will be emailed an itemized receipt.  
  • Within a few hours of receiving your package, Swift will email you letting you know that your package arrived safely, and will provide you with an estimated completion date for your service.  
  • When your passport or visa is issued, we will email you to let you know your document was issued.  If we are shipping your passport back to you, this third and final email will contain return tracking information.
  • If you have purchased multiple visa services, we will notify you as each of those services are completed.
  • In the event there is a problem, we will call AND email you to describe the problem, and what is required to resolve the problem
  • In the vent your service is expected to be delayed or IS delayed Swift will contact you as soon as possible to update you. 

Besides these updates, Swift will not be in touch.  Please remember that no news is good news, and if there is a problem, or we need something from you to complete your service, we will be in touch.  You are in good hands, please try to relax and let Swift do what we do best!
Thanks for choosing Swift Passport Services, we look forward to assisting you!

I had a wonderful experience with Swift Passport Services. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I loved that they made things very easy for me, and were in constant communication. If you need to expedite your passport, they are the people to see.
Ellen L. | Chicago, IL