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Planning to go to Brazil for business?  If so, you’ll need a visa before you depart.  Obtaining a visa is easy when you work with Swift’s team of international travel experts.

Brazilian Business Visa

As the largest country in South American and fifth-largest in the entire world, Brazil boasts more than 3.28 million square miles and population of 200.4 million. More than 146 million of those residents happen to be packed along the east coast, which calculates to more than 90 percent of the people living on 10 percent of the land.

Whether you’re hitting the country’s east coast or other regions on your business trip, you’ll want to brush up on your Portuguese, exchange some American dollars for reals, and give yourself plenty of time to obtain a business visa for your travels.

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How It Works

When you need to go to Brazil for business, you do not want to worry about delays that will cost you time, money, or stress.  With Swift’s Brazil business services, we do the hard work for you.  From reviewing your documents, to telling you exactly which requirements you need to fulfill, we promise to make the entire process easy for you.

Start Your Order

Once you start your order, you'll be asked a few, simple questions to direct you to the right visa product your upcoming business travel. You'll then enter the information required to process business visa.

Submit Your Order

After you've provided the requested information and have remitted payment, you will be provided with a checklist of requirements and documents needed for your Brazil business visa. Swift will supply the list and guide you step-by-step.

Ship Required Documents

Regular visas will require that you ship documents to us. We ask that you ship these documents through FedEx or UPS (not USPS). If you're applying for an E-Visa, no shipping will be required as everything is completed online.

Get Your Visa

Once your paperwork is submitted, you get to sit back and relax while we double check your paperwork to ensure everything is correct and procure your business visa. We'll always communicate the status of your travel documents, so you don't have to worry!

Brazil Business Visa Requirements & Documents

Depending on where you live in the U.S., processing a Brazil business visa could take anywhere from 10 to 45 days. That means you certainly want to leave enough time between submitting your extensive list of required documents and your departing flight.  Brazil business visas demand plenty of paperwork to be submitted for the visa to be approved. Documents include: 

You’ll need a valid passport with at least one blank visa page.  The last two pages of your passport are amendment pages and can’t be used for visas. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your expected date of entry into Brazil.

Fill out on the request form online, choosing English as your selected language in the upper right corner (unless you speak Portuguese).

Copy both sides of a valid driver’s license of state ID, ensuring your face is clearly visible.

Passport photos must be taken within the last six months, measure 2-inches square, and have you facing forward in front of a white background. Drug stores and other locations offer passport photo services.

The Brazilian company with which you will be doing business during your travels needs to send you a detailed letter on company letterhead. The letter must be signed by management in charge of the department you’ll be in contact with and contain specific information on the person’s job description and position, dates and locations of planned meetings, assignments and activities, any financial responsibility of the trip, and details surrounding your requested visa.

You’ll also need a letter from the U.S.-based company outlining your trip, intended business activities and details surrounding your visa. Your company can use this sample letter as a guide.

A copy of your flight confirmation, reservation or plane ticket is required.

If seeking application help from Swift or another third party, you’ll need a letter authorizing the party to submit on your behalf.

Why Choose Swift?

Swift has decades of experience helping business professionals get to their final destinations with the right paperwork in hand.  We understand the nuances of dealing with foreign consulates for business matters and are able to work through any issues that arise quickly.  By choosing to work with Swift, you’ll not only save yourself from uneccessary headaches, but you’ll also save yourself considerable time, and frustration.  We’ll get you there!


Ready to Start Your Brazil Business Visa Application?

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Business In Brazil

From its colonization in the 1500s through the late 1930s, Brazil relied heavily on exporting sugar and gold, with coffee joining the fray in the early 1800s. Business has since expanded to include everything from raw steel to finished refrigerators. The country is divided into five regions, each with its own economic drivers.

  • North: Amazon forest materials, mining, technology and industry hotspot due to free trade zone designation
  • Northeast: Sugarcane historically, with the addition of IT, oil extraction, tropical fruit agriculture, honey, shrimp and raising goats
  • Center-West: Livestock, commercial agriculture, pharmaceuticals and fertilizers
  • Southeast: Home to the business center of Sao Paulo as well as the largest Brazilian industrial park; diverse economy includes steel, automotive, food, petrochemical , computer technology and the service sector
  • South: Livestock, wheat, soybeans, service and industrial sectors, extraction and electricity generation

Doing business in Brazil could certainly involve coffee, but it could also extend to other agricultural as well as industrial, service-oriented or technology-related endeavors.

While In Brazil

Executives traveling to Brazil definitely want to pack a three-piece suit, as two-piece suits are typically for standard office workers. Business women will want to dress conservatively and make sure they have impeccable manicures. Don’t wear any combination of the Brazilian flag colors of yellow and green.

Your appointments should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance; drop-ins are never welcome at government or business offices. Business meetings start on time and business attire is expected in Sao Paulo and Rio. Other areas may be more laid-back and casual about start times and dress.

Let the host start the business discussions, which are typically only begun after a span of casual chatting. While you don’t have to bring a gift to a first business meeting, you should expect to buy lunch or dinner. You should also expect to invest a lot of time building up relationships, which is the key to successfully doing business in the country.

Titles are important, although first names are also common. Handshaking is a must when meeting and leaving; be sure to extend yours to everyone if in a small group. You may also be privy to a lot of arm, elbow and back touching, common gestures throughout the country.

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Be Sure To...

With or without the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro remains one of the most popular Brazilian hotspots for several reasons. One is the bountiful beaches. Another is the massive mountains, which come complete with Christ the Redeemer, the largest Art Deco statue in the world. Mix in music, feasting and annual Carnaval celebrations, and you have three more reasons to swing by Rio.

Feasting is a popular pastime throughout the entire country, with the midday meal being the largest, followed by a lighter meal in the evening. Brazilian cuisine varies by region, influenced by the population and prominent agricultural crops. If you’re topping off a meal with a cup of coffee, expect a very small cup of a very strong brew. American coffee has been called “a mere shadow” of its Brazilian counterpart.

One more tip is to be prepared for plenty of music, long conversations, and jovial laughter. Brazilians are big on connections and friendships, even in the business arena. So pack your three-piece suit or your conservative business dress, get your business visa process started, and be ready to have some fun. 

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