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Professionals in need of business visas to Russia will appreciate Swift’s easy process and helpful guidance each and every step of the way. 

Russian Business Visas

With a vast landmass that spans two continents, 11 time zones and more than 6.6 million square miles, Russia is rife with potential business opportunities for firms seeking a global impact. It’s most precious commodity is its natural resources, although additional potential exists for business in myriad other areas. The first step is obtaining a Russian business visa, which comes with a lineup of specific requirements.

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How It Works

Need to travel to Russia for work?  If so, count on Swift’s simple process to get your Russia business in order.  When you work with our team, we will make sure all of your application and documents are expertly handled so you can focus on your trip and leave the rest to us. 

Start Your Order

Once you start your order, you'll be asked a few, simple questions to direct you to the right visa product your upcoming business travel. You'll then enter the information required to process business visa.

Submit Your Order

After you've provided the requested information and have remitted payment, you will be provided with a checklist of requirements and documents needed for your Russia business visa. Swift will supply the list and guide you step-by-step.

Ship Required Documents

Regular visas will require that you ship documents to us. We ask that you ship these documents through FedEx or UPS (not USPS). If you're applying for an E-Visa, no shipping will be required as everything is completed online.

Get Your Visa

Once your paperwork is submitted, you get to sit back and relax while we double check your paperwork to ensure everything is correct and procure your business visa. We'll always communicate the status of your travel documents, so you don't have to worry!

Russia Business Visa Requirements & Documents

Processing a Russian business visa can happen in as few as three days – provided you have the letter of invitation that’s part of the required documents. Getting a letter of invitation typically takes eight to 15 business days, which means you should plan ahead by at least a month before your scheduled business travel to Russia.

You’ll need a valid passport with at least two blank facing visa pages: Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your latest expected date of departure.

You can fill out the application online, which involves setting a password to access your document. Those using Swift to submit their application need to provide the password and choose the ILS Houston consulate as the location to which your application will be submitted.

Passport photos must be 2-inches square, taken within the last six months, and have you facing forward in front of a white background. Walgreens and other locations can take them for you.

Any business visa that’s valid for less than one year requires an official invitation from the Foreign Ministry in Russia. If you’re going for a visa that’s valid for one year, you can use an official invitation from the Foreign Ministry or the company with which you’ll be doing business. For visas valid for more than one year, the letter must come from the company inviting you to do business. Make sure the entry and exit dates match those on your application.

If using Swift or another third party for help with your application, a letter authorizing the party to submit on your behalf is also required.

Several additional requirements apply to former citizens of Russia, USSR or other nearby countries, including proof that you are no longer a citizen of that specific country.

Why Choose Swift?

We know that when professionals are heading abroad for business, they have a lot on their minds.  This is why we try to go out of our way to make the Russia business visa process as easy to understand and work through as possible.  From detailing each requirement, to double checking all of your paperwork, our team will make sure everything is in order so you can obtain your visa quickly and with minimal hassles along the way,.


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Business In Russia

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 led to Russia’s transformation from communism to democracy while opening the door to a free market society. Although democracy was not without several economic and other setbacks, Russia remains a powerful force due to its sheer size, population and abundance of natural resources alone.

Moscow is the largest city in Russia as well as in all of Europe, serving as Russia’s economic, political and financial center. Other cities are also known for their healthy business environments. These include:

  • Kaliningrad, with customs waivers and a notable economic zone
  • Ufa, with a significant workforce, accessible energy networks and available land
  • Krasnodar, featuring the Magnit store chain that’s hailed as a prime example of successful entrepreneurship
  • Tomsk, with a zealous workforce, available loans and generous tax services
  • Omsk, with a developed infrastructure and extensive pool of qualified employees

The topmost industries by far are oil and natural gas, components of the energy sector. Other notable industries throughout Russia include production, retail and manufacturing. Business opportunities exist in the arenas of natural resources, exports and fulfilling the country’s pressing need for infrastructure.

While In Russia

Russia is a diverse country that’s home to several cultural contradictions, something to keep in mind during your business opportunities. Although Russians can be both very formal and very friendly, you’re going to want to stay on the more formal side for business. Use formal language during meetings, and address people with titles and their last names.

Being on time is important, even if you’re meeting with senior executives who may keep you waiting. Meetings and appointments typically last until all points are covered and/or necessary decisions are made, regardless of the scheduled ending time of the gathering.

Food and drink are often combined with meetings, and banquets can last well into the night. Make sure you confirm your appointments via telephone, which is preferred over emails or letters. You may not receive a formal agenda for the meeting, as senior leaders typically dictate what’s discussed and the length of each discussion as the meeting proceeds.

Hierarchy is huge in Russia, with the senior leader being the one who makes the final decision on everything. The boss is a powerful, distant figure likely to openly demonstrate position and wealth. The big boss is never disagreed with or criticized in public. It’s not uncommon for bosses to start confrontations if they’re not getting their way.

Loyalty is another important aspect for doing business in Russia, but it’s typically to an individual person rather than an organization. Networking, working with people with whom they’ve developed relationships, and resolving issues through action are also big on Russians’ list.

Bringing a gift to your first meeting is expected, and you want to choose one with care. Pick a gift that is high-quality, something useful and/or delightful, and not vodka or any other item for which Russia is known.

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Be Sure To...

Whether you have to stay an extra day or arrive a shade early, it’s worth your time in Russia to pay a visit to Red Square. Here you’ll be encased in thousands of years of Russian history in the form of architectural wonders that range from Lenin’s mausoleum to the iconic St Basil’s Cathedral.

Closed to traffic and graced with an impressive replica of the original gate built in 1680, Red Square is home to tourists, photographers, businesspeople, history buffs and all others seeking to absorb its magnificence. The daytime is bustling, and the night time’s atmosphere is enhanced with floodlights illuminating the majestic structures and awe-inspiring skyline.

Red Square is not the only inspiring aspect of Russia, something you’ll certainly find out as you develop business relationships that can be mutually beneficial as well as intensely satisfying. Just make sure to pack your best manners, a thoughtful gift, and the all-important Russia business visa that gets you in the door.

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