South Korea E-Visa

South Korea E-Visas are now available for tourism, events, business, and family visits

We Make It Easy for You

Do you plan to travel to Korea?  If so, you will need a Korea ETA visa.  The good news is that you can obtain this with Swift’s online E-Visa services.  With Swift, you just have to fill out an online application, pay applicable fees, and then we will deliver your eVisa to you electronically.

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Get Your E-Visa to South Korea in 3 Easy Steps

Complete Application

Fill out your Korea ETA Visa application. We’ve made it easy for you to do this online.

Upload Paperwork

We may ask you to print out and to upload some required paperwork before we process your South Korea eVisa.

Get Your E-Visa to South Korea

Swift will review, process, and email your Korea ETA Visa to you so you can enjoy your trip!


How Much Does It Cost To Get A E-Visa to South Korea?

The application fee for US passport holders is $175.00. On top of the application fee, there are other common South Korea E-Visa fees depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Visas may also be expedited for an additional cost. Below are the Consulate Fees for the South Korea e-visa. Swift Fees are in addition to this fee.

Ready to Get Your Korea E-Visa?

South Korea is known for its contrasts. For example, the country is very proud of tradition, yet is a technological pioneer. It’s a place where you’ll see some of the most impressive skyscrapers, but also ancient temples and nature. Most people who travel to South Korea head to the capital city, Seoul. There you will find exquisite cuisine, friendly people, and incredible shopping centers. All of these modern-day conveniences are surrounded by beautiful scenery and deeply-rooted history.

Common South Korea eVisa Questions

Yes, e-Visas are available for Korea and have been encouraged by the Ministry of Justice in the hope of attracting foreign talent, tourism, and more.

You can start the application process online through the Swift website.  You'll fill out an application form, submit necessary fees, and then we'll deliver your eVisa to you electronically.

As of September 1, 2021, people traveling to Korea are required to have a K-ETA Visa.  If you arrive at the airport without a K-ETA, you may not be allowed to board the flight.

The process itself takes less than 30 minutes to complete and you will usually have your e-Visa delivered to you within a few business days.

South Korea Consulate Jurisdictions in the United States

South Korea Consulate Jurisdictions
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Happy & Safe Travels!

If you are heading to South Korea, know that you will have the trip of your lifetime.  With the perfect balance between modernity and history, there is no place quite like this country.  If you need further help with a passport or visa matter, do not hesitate to contact Swift!

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