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Swift Passport is a non-government, third party service that acts as a professional emissary between the US State Department and the passport applicant to secure passports in as little as 1 day. If you do not need to expedite your passport, have a travel date more than 6 weeks away, or if you do not wish to use a third party service to obtain your passport, please consult the State Department website for further instruction.

 Close & Continue with SPS  Visit the State Department

Child Passport Expediting Service

Please use the instructions below if the applicant is a U.S. citizens age 0-15 (if the child has had a passport in the past, the below directions still apply to them as child passports cannot be renewed).

If the criterion does not apply to the applicant please reference our expedited passport services page to determine which instructions to use.

Required Passport Items

Proof of US Citizenship

Got it!

Required for:

You must provide an original or certified copy of your state issued U.S Long Form Birth Certificate, your original Certificate of Naturalization, or an expired passport that is undamaged and in good condition. This document will be returned to you with your passport. For information on how to obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate click here

  • Photocopies are not accepted, only original or certified copies will be accepted
  • Birth Records are not accepted (these often are small with hand and footprints and are issued by a hospital)
  • Applicants born to US Citizens abroad will need to include a Birth Abroad Certificate

DS-11 Passport Application

Got it!

Required for:

  • Complete this form online, via the Department of State website and print it.
    • Enter all information requested- missing information can cause delays
    • Handwritten Applications Will Not be Accepted by the Passport Agency
    • You will come to “Summary of Fees” page (only check $60 Expedite Fee & Passport Book Fee) & click SUBMIT
    • on the next page, scroll to bottom and click CREATE FORM
    • The completed DS-11 Passport Application form will open as a PDF document, PRINT THIS FORM (NO DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING)
  • Printed application must look like the image below, with a 2D barcode in the upper left corner:
    DS-11 New Passport Application
  • DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM YET, See below for detailed explanation of when you need to sign this form.

1 Passport Type Photo

Got it!

Required for:

Photo Requirements: Photos must have been taken in the last 6 months, be 2 inches by 2 inches in size, and have white background with no patterns or background objects visible. Photo must be in color and be free of glare. Ears should be visible, and you must be facing forward. Dark glasses, headbands, and spaghetti straps are not permitted. Feel free to smile!

  • Option 1: email a photo to Swift Passport Services photos@swiftpassport.com using the following guidelines. Swift Passport will size and print your passport photos for a nominal fee of $15.
    • Photo file needs to be attached to the email as a .jpeg file.  Other file formats cannot be properly formatted
    • Have someone else take the picture of you; please do not send pictures you take of yourself.
    • Photos need to be taken with a digital camera, phone camera photos will be of insufficient quality
    • Please do not attempt to resize or format the photo in any way
  • Option 2: Obtain a passport photo from a passport photo service (Walgreens, CVS, FedEx, etc.). Include photo in your package to Swift Passport Services.

Copy of Parents' Photo ID

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Required for:

BOTH PARENTS must provide a copy of both sides of their current passport, valid driver's license, government ID, state ID, or Military ID. If sole custody has been established, ID from the parent without custody is not needed

  • Photocopies are accepted- must be able to see photo and ID number
  • ID must be 6 months old or older.
  • If you do not have government issued ID or your ID is not 6 months old, you will need to submit supplemental ID.
  • If either parent is not a US citizen, please submit a copy of each parent's passport and proof of legal status for the non U.S parent(s).
  • If either parent's name has changed and is different than the name on the birth certificate, original documentation proving name change must be provided (divorce decree or marriage certificate that shows name change)

Parental Consent & Statement of Special Circumstances

2 Original Letters of Authorization

Got it!

Required for:

Complete and sign 2 identical Letters of Authorization. Download Letter of Authorization Here

One copy will go inside the sealed envelope and one should be attached to the outside of the envelope. If there is not a SECOND copy of the Letter of Authorization sent to SPS with the sealed envelope,the service will be delayed by at least 1 business day. The first TWO check boxes MUST be checked on this form for SPS to complete this service. Please write "Swift Passport Services" in the "Courier Company Name"- Any other name in that field will cause delays in processing. DO NOT check the 3rd box on this form, if checked, SPS will not be able to expedite your passport application. Continue on to read more about getting your application executed and more about sealed envelopes.

*** The Process will be delayed if there is not a 2nd Letter of Authorization on the outside of this sealed envelope

Payment to the Government- Pay to: U.S. Department of State

Got it!

Required for:

Personal check (no starter checks accepted) or money order made payable to U.S. Department of State.  Checks written for any other amount than listed below will cause at least 1 business day delay.  Temporary or starter checks are not accepted.  Write the applicant's name and date of birth in the memo section of the check.  A $10 service fee will be charged in the event Swift Passport Services needs to submit a replacement check.

  • For a Passport Book only: $140
  • For a Passport Book and Card: $155
  • For a Passport Card only: $75

What's the difference between a passport book and passport card?

Proof of Departure Within 2 Weeks

Got it!

Required for:

Proof of departure can be any of the following. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions with the U.S. Department of State

  • Copy of your itinerary from your travel agent, airline, or online booking company/copy of plane ticket.
  • A letter detailing your business travel. Follow the sample "company letter of expedite" format. 

Expedited Child Passport Service Notes


    Once you have collected the above items, you will need to take them to a post office or county/city clerk to get the application executed by a "passport acceptance agent." The minor and both parents need to be present for this step (1 parent may be present in cases of sole custody or if they have a notarized DS-3053 from the non-appearing parent). To find an acceptance agent near you, you can search by zip code by visiting http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/.  The agent will administer an oath, execute your DS-11, instruct you to sign your DS-11, and put the application materials in an envelope. If the agent does not want to put ALL of the application materials into the envelope (such as the copy of ID), that is OK, but it is important that you send them to us anyway.  Please note that if the Passport Acceptance agent prompts you to write a check for an amount other than $140, $155 or $75, the check will not be accepted, and your application will be delayed until a replacement check is provided.  The agent will then put their official seal on the envelope.  You must have your driver's license or State ID with you.   If you are getting more than 1 application sealed, it is important that each application is in its own sealed envelope.  Multiple applications in 1 sealed envelope may be denied. If you have problems or questions while getting your application executed please call Swift Passport Services at 877.917.9438 
    We highly recommend using FedEx or UPS to ship the application materials to us with NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED as they are the most reliable shipping service and will provide you with accurate tracking information. Shipping delivery times with the United States Postal Service have shown to be unreliable.  ALL 1 Day Passport services need to be shipped to SPS via FedEx First Overnight, no signature required, or by UPS Early AM, no signature required. If we do not receive your package by 8:30 AM the 1 day process will be delayed by at least 1 business day.  Please ship your application materials to our Chicago location unless you have discussed an alternate location with our passport and visa specialists. Swift Passport Services can email you a pre-paid FedEx airbill to use for inbound shipping upon request. Please call or email us if you would like us to email you a pre-paid air bill. 

Passport Pricing Options

Processing Time Service Fee Government Fee* Total Cost**
1 Business Day $275 $140 $415
2 Business Days $225 $140 $365
3 Business Days $199 $140 $339
5 Business Days $160 $140 $300
7 Business Days $135 $140 $275
8-10 Business Days $99 $140 $239
11-12 Business Days $75 $140 $215

*Ask us about writing a check for the Government fee for $5.
**Total cost does not include return shipping. See options at checkout.