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  • 7 Must Do Tips For Your LGBTQ Honeymoon

    The honeymoon is a special vacation that symbolizes the start of a new union as a married couple. For LGBTQ+ couples specifically, the honeymoon also symbolizes a celebration of love and identity. As such, planning components of a LGBTQ+ honeymoon in advance is key to ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience. 

    There are a number of steps that should be taken in advance of your honeymoon as LGBTQ+ travelers to ensure that your special vacation is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

    1. Destination Research

    Have you verified that your dream honeymoon destination is LGBTQ+ friendly? Make sure that you conduct thorough research prior to booking your honeymoon to increase the likelihood that you can have a safe and enjoyable honeymoon in the vacation destination. Even if you plan to stay on the property for the duration of the honeymoon, you will still encounter public spaces at the airport and possibly other places within the destination as well. Sources such as IGLTA and the US Travel Department of State websites can be helpful to review advisories and other information related to safety of LGBTQ+ travelers. You can also check with friends and family who may have traveled to the destination before that can share firsthand experiences with you.

    2. Let the Resort Know That You Are Honeymooners

    Let the resort know in advance that you are celebrating your honeymoon! This heads up gives the resort time to prepare for your arrival which may include providing extra amenities, complimentary upgrades, spa credits, and more. Some resorts will go above and beyond and even decorate your room for the special occasion if they have enough advance notice! It is recommended to speak with the resort concierge (if available) or the front desk staff to inform them of your celebration.

    3. Arrange A Private Dinner

    Including at least one private dinner during your honeymoon is recommended so that you can comfortably enjoy a fantastic feast with your partner. Most resorts can easily assist you in arranging a private dinner so it is best to contact them in advance of your stay to ensure that you can obtain the date, time and location that you prefer. Ask the resort for location options for the private dinner to secure a spot that is intimate and private. This tip may especially be important if you choose to honeymoon at a property that is not adult-only.

    4. Request of Room Location

    Requesting your room location in advance will help to ensure that you and your partner have a private location that is free from disturbances. Request a resort map/layout to review and use it as a guide to pick a location for your room that will give you optimal seclusion for your stay. Examples of premium locations that you can request include rooms that are not within the main building where the lobby is located, non-connecting rooms, rooms away from the elevator, and rooms on higher floors away from the pool area. If your honeymoon is not booked at an adult-only resort, inquire with the resort if they have adult-only sections or floors.

    5. Request In-Room Amenities (Such As Pairs of Things)

    Some resorts still provide typical amenities for couples, not always recognizing if the guests are same-sex couples. Requesting your preferred room amenities in advance (such as two vanities, two large bathrobes, appropriate-sized slippers, etc) will make your honeymoon abode comfortable for you and your partner upon arrival.

    6. Spa Requests

    The spa staff can vary in gender depending on scheduling and requests. Therefore, if you and your partner prefer a certain gender for spa treatments, it is highly recommended to request this in advance when you confirm your spa appointments. Also be sure to request couple’s treatments so that you can enjoy your spa experiences together in the same room at the same time.

    7. Transportation Requests

    Transportation is the first step of the honeymoon vacation experience! Make sure that you pre-arrange your airport transportation with an LGBTQ+ friendly supplier that can provide private transportation for you and your partner. This will help to kick off the honeymoon with romance and style!

    In addition to these tips, communicating with your partner should be the first step before you address the tips that have been recommended. Your communication should include your honeymoon goals, wishes, as well as concerns. Above all else, your honeymoon should align with your collective vision.

    Your honeymoon is the start of a new life with your partner and is a special getaway that only happens once. Planning in advance can help to create a safe and inclusive vacation that will be cherished for a lifetime. Celebrate your love, celebrate your identity, and celebrate the adventure that lies ahead with the honeymoon that is perfect for your new unification!

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