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  • Airlines Revamp IT Systems after 2022 Breakdowns

    During the 2022 holiday season, airlines had significant issues with flight delays and cancellations, leaving millions of passengers stranded. Though some of this can be attributed to staffing shortages, a lot was due to outdated or malfunctioning IT systems. Unfortunately, many airlines still rely on old technology, and until these systems are upgraded, passengers may have to worry about widespread delays and cancellations, especially during busy travel periods. 

    What Happened During the 2022 Holiday Travel Season?

    If you’ve ever traveled during the holiday season, you know how chaotic it can be. Most flights are completely booked, and there are millions of people trying to visit their family and friends. Most of the time, even though it’s hectic, airlines can handle the mass amount of flight bookings. But that was a different story during the 2022 holiday travel season. 

    During the 2022 holiday travel season, many airlines had to delay and cancel thousands of flights, potentially due to airline computers glitching or going down entirely. This led to a significant amount of delays and cancellations, leaving millions of people unsure of how they would get to their destinations. 

    Will Airlines Upgrade Their IT Systems?

    The massive number of flight cancellations and delays during the 2022 holiday travel season led many people to wonder if airlines planned to update their IT systems. Many airline infrastructures rely on old technology, and it could be time for them to upgrade in order to avoid future problems. So, when exactly could we see an upgrade to airline IT systems? According to CNN Business, it could take years for the software that caused the mass amount of delays and cancellations to be upgraded. 

    Is Air Travel Still Reliable?

    Flying is still one of the best travel methods, as it can get you to destinations that a car or train can’t. Though flight cancellations and delays are becoming more common, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid air travel altogether. Flights delays and cancellations could happen, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from booking a flight. Air travel allows you to see the world, which you don’t want to miss out on.

    What Should I do if my Flight Gets Canceled or Delayed?

    If your flight gets canceled or delayed, your first instinct may be to panic. But that is only going to stress you out more. Instead, take a deep breath and weigh your options. If your flight gets delayed, you will still reach your destination, just a little later than you planned. If your flight gets canceled, you can get a refund from the airline and book a new flight, or you can check to see if another airline has a flight available that fits your needs.

    Should I Get Travel Insurance to Protect Myself From Delays or Cancellations?

    When it comes to travel insurance, we always say that there are certain circumstances in which you should get it and times when you don’t need it. If you are traveling domestically and your trip costs under $1,500, you can probably go without travel insurance. But if you’re traveling internationally or your trip costs more than $1,500, you will probably want to get travel insurance to protect yourself and your money.

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