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Travel News

Summer Flight Cancellations and Delays Putting a Damper on Travel Plans

Flying during the summer travel season this year has been difficult for many people. Flight cancellations and delays are causing travelers to alter their plans, making travel feel more like a burden than anything. Though this issue seems to be happening worldwide, some airports and airlines have been running into …

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Business Travel

Business Travel Resumes With Some “Post-Covid” Changes

Business travel is making a comeback after being put on standby during the coronavirus pandemic. Though, taking a business trip now may look a little different than it did in the past. Some significant changes have occurred when it comes to traveling for business post-covid, including which destinations are now …

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Travel News

Travel Destinations That Have Eased Up on COVID Restrictions

Numerous destinations across the globe put restrictions in place due to COVID. This caused travelers to rethink their travel plans, as they didn’t know if they’d be able to meet the required rules and regulations in their destination country. Fortunately, many travel destinations have eased up on COVID restrictions, allowing …

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Your Guide to LGBTQ+ Friendly Travel Destinations

If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community and are planning a trip, you’ll want to consider which destinations will be LGBTQ+ friendly. Though there are plenty of places that welcome members of the LGBTQ+ with open arms, there are a select few destinations that are well-known for being especially open …

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Know Before You Go

Experience of an Online Teacher as a Tourist in Japan

After a difficult couple of years, more and more countries are now opening up their doors to welcome international tourists once again. This is great news for those who are passionate about exploring the globe, and it also opens up new opportunities for those on the hunt for diverse and …

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How To's

4 Sustainable Essentials To Bring In Your Carry-On

Vacation season can be one of the most thrilling times of the year. Not only are you going through the emotions of joy and excitement for your next adventure, but you will also have moments where you feel stressed and anxious as you prepare for the trip.  One of the …

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The Best Apps For Travelers

Advancements in technology have truly changed the way that people travel. There are so many apps out there that can positively impact your trip and make it go a whole lot smoother. Some apps can help you navigate through the airport, assist you in discovering local attractions, and there are …

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Business Travel

Visa Backlog a Concern For U.S. Companies Trying to Retain Talent

Many companies based in America (especially tech companies) scout talent from all over the world. These workers need a temporary visa to come and work in the United States, with the ultimate goal being to get a green card to live and work here. Unfortunately, everchanging visa rules and restrictions, …

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Passport Requirements

How to Get a Child Passport With One Parent Absent

If your family plans on traveling internationally, you will need to make sure that everyone (including your little ones) has a passport.  Generally, obtaining a passport for your child is a pretty straightforward process. But we understand that not each family is alike, and there could be circumstances where you’ll …

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