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Companies Will Soon Have to Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California

Greenhouse gas emissions have become a major threat to the environment, especially over the past decade. However, there is some positive news regarding reducing these emissions. Due to a bill that was recently passed, some large companies in California will soon have to report their greenhouse gas emissions, including emissions
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Travel Tips

Travel Expense Management: Keeping Your Business Travel Costs in Check

In today’s fast-paced digital era, while virtual meetings have found their footing, business travel still matters and remains indispensable for many enterprises. The opportunity to connect face-to-face, foster relationships, and explore new markets cannot be entirely replaced. Yet, as the significance of these travels persists, so does the urgency of
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Know Before You Go

3 Things You Might Need to Travel Abroad With Your Pet

Our pets have an innate ability to make our lives that much better. Even being in their presence has been found to boost different aspects of our health, with 91% of dog owners noting their pooch has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. Lots of owners look to make
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Travel News

The Busiest Airports Around the Globe

If you want to travel internationally, there’s a good chance you’ll visit an airport or two (maybe even three) along the way. And whether you love or hate them, airports are essential to seeing the world and getting to new destinations. Although, it’s no secret that some airports are busier
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How To's

Here’s How You Can Be a Minimalist Traveler

Overpacking is something that almost everyone has done when planning for a vacation (we know we’re guilty of this!) But in reality, most of us know that we aren’t going to use all of the things in our luggage. In fact, a majority of travelers won’t even use half of
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Top E-Visa Travel Tips: Make the Most of Your Trip

Electronic visas (e-Visas) are a wonderful alternative to traditional visas and can make traveling internationally go as smoothly as possible. But over the years, we have noticed something very interesting. Although e-Visas can make it a whole lot easier to see the world, people (at times) make it harder on
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Adventure Travel

Top 5 Travel Backpacks for Adventurers

Backpacking can be one of the best ways to see the world. You can carry everything that you need with you, all while exploring some of the most magical places on earth. But making sure that you have the right backpack is crucial, as it can be the difference between
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Travel News

Travel Spending Predicted to Increase During 2024

The coronavirus pandemic halted most travel across the globe, and when travel did reopen, many people wanted to get out there and plan trips once again. This led to an increase in demand for travel, which in turn, raised the prices for hotels, transportation, tickets to attractions, food costs, and
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Expedited Passports

International Travel with Children: Passport and Visa Checklist

We know that traveling with children can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to traveling internationally with your little ones. Besides gathering their clothing and other essential items, you’ll also need to ensure your child has a passport and possibly even a visa. We understand that
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