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  • 10 Phrases to Learn in Portuguese Before You Go

    10 Phrases to Learn in Portuguese Before You Go

    10 Phrases to Learn in Portuguese Before You Go

    Whether you’re heading to Brazil, Mozambique or Portugal itself, Portuguese phrases will come in handy for any number of countries where Portuguese is counted as an official language. We collected 10 common Portuguese phrases from Omniglot and TripAdvisor to help you make the most of your trip.

    Hello = Oi

    Both “oi” and “opa” can serve as an all-inclusive hello, or you can get a bit fancier with Portuguese phrases designated to reflect the exact time of day.

    • Good morning: Bom dia
    • Good afternoon: Boa tarde
    • Good evening: Boa tarde
    • Good night: Boa noite

    How are you? = Como está?

    When it comes time to answer this question, your response depends on your gender.

    Men say: “Bem obrigado.”

    Women say: “Bem obrigada.”

    If you want to return the question after your response with “And you?” simply add: “E você?”                                         

    I don’t understand. = Eu não estou entendendo.

    This phrase can come to the rescue in any number of situations, from being confused by a restaurant menu to directions someone tries to give you on the street. Go with the full-length phrase above or the shortened version of: “Não entendi.”

    How much is… = Quanto é…

    Shopping abroad can be loads more fun if you can ask for prices on different items. Another option asks “How much is this?” with “Quanto custa?”

    Where’s the toilet? = Onde é o toalete?

    You probably don’t need any further explanation on why this phrase can be an essential one. But you may want to know that bathroom can also be referred to as:

    • Sanitário
    • Lavabo
    • Lavatório
    • Banheiro

    Have a nice day. = Tenha um bom dia.

    This is one of those Portuguese phrases that leaves people feeling good while showing you took an extra moment or two to learn how to wish them well.

    How do you say __ in Portuguese? = Como se diz __ em português?

    You’re sure to pick up additional Portuguese phrases throughout your adventure, and knowing how to ask for the Portuguese word for different items can make learning a new language even easier.

    Excuse me = Por favor

    You may recognize the term “por favor” as also meaning “please.” It’s also a polite way to say “excuse me.”

    Sorry = Desculpe

    You can be even more polite by apologizing for a faux pas if necessary.

    Thank you = Obrigado/a

    “Obrigado” is how a man would say thank you, while a woman would say “obrigada.” In more formal situations, a man would say “agradecido” while a female would say “agradecida.” Not saying thank you, even when someone is simply doing his or her job, is generally considered rude.

    Knowing a few key Portuguese phrases make your trip go much more smoothly while showing you care enough about the culture to give the language a whirl. Make sure the rest of your trip goes just as smoothly by ensuring your Brazil visa or other necessary papers are in order before you go. 

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