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  • are you a travel addict?

    23 Signs That Prove You’re a Travel Addict

    are you a travel addict?

    All it takes is one trip. You could be visiting a nearby town or flying halfway around the world when suddenly — you’re bitten by the travel bug. And once you have it, you’re addicted for life.

    No need to worry! Traveling the world is scientifically proven to boost your health, creativity, and happiness. Do you find yourself constantly daydreaming about faraway adventures, unexplored cities, or exotic cultures? If so, you’re in good company. According to the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Travel and Tourism Office, a record number of Americans (93 million!) traveled abroad in 2018, and that number is expected to grow.

    Here are the most common signs you’re a travel addict:

    • You plan multiple trips at once, even when you’re currently traveling.
      When your bucket list of destinations is pages long, there’s no time to waste!
    • If not, you’re in a bad mood.
      Something just feels off when you don’t have a vacation coming up.
    • All of your disposable income goes toward traveling.
      You’d much rather save up for an experience than a material purchase.
    • You’d never waste a sick day when you’re actually feeling ill.
      Sick days are really just more PTO for seeing the world.
    • Your favorite reading materials are travel blogs and guides.
      Hopefully, this blog is one of them! How else can you decide on where to go next?

      travel addiction

    • You can name a friend in almost any country.
      The most memorable moments abroad are marked by the people you meet, and they more often than not become friends for life.
    • You have your passport number memorized.
      Plus, you know how to get your passport renewed in a pinch, just in case.
    • Packing takes you less than 10 minutes.
      You may already have a suitcase ready to go right now!


    • Travel-size containers fill your bathroom cabinet.
      You might not even own any full-sized toiletries.
    • You can accurately guess the weight of your luggage without a scale.
      You’ll never fall victim to overweight baggage fees again.
    • Almost every conceivable currency can be found inside your wallet.
      Euros, yen, pounds, pesos, francs, renminbi…
    • “When I was in… “ is how you start off most of your stories.
      There’s no better way to bond with someone than by sharing your travel history.
    • Asking strangers for directions is second nature to you.
      You’re also comfortable giving them to others in every major city of the world.

      love to travel

    • Airport codes like LAX and DXB are part of your vocabulary.
      Even ones you’ve never been to before (at least not yet)!
    • You have more airline miles than you have on your car.
      All of your credit cards were chosen to support your travel addiction, too.
    • Waking up at home feels strange.
      Believe it or not, your comfort zone is with the unfamiliar.
    • You see your job simply as a means to afford your next trip.
      You might even be a digital nomad, or remote worker, so that you can travel all the time.
    • You can speak a handful of different languages.
      The best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it.
    • Your wardrobe consists almost entirely of functional clothes.
      We’re talking comfortable, breathable, wrinkle-free and stylish!
    • You can fall asleep anywhere.
      From red-eye flights to crowded trains, nothing keeps you from getting your rest when you need it.
    • Travel apps dominate your smartphone.
      Some favorites include Google Translate, WhatsApp, Pocket Earth, Priority Pass, Skyscanner, TripIt, Travello, and more.
    • Nothing excites you more than traveling.
      There truly is nothing better.

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