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  • The 3 Most Relaxing Vacation Destinations In the World Swift Passport Services

    The 3 Most Relaxing Vacation Destinations in the World

    The 3 Most Relaxing Vacation Destinations In the World Swift Passport Services

    When you think of the most relaxing places to vacation in the world, a few options may immediately come to mind. These may include a yoga retreat, a secluded beach, or a cabin that’s pretty much as far away from civilization as you get. Can’t decide which one sounds the most relaxing? Neither could we. That’s why we put together a list that includes all three options in some of the most amazing destinations on the planet.

    A Yoga Retreat in India

    Yoga retreats by their very nature are soothing for the mind, body and soul. But you may feel as if you’ve entered into an entirely new dimension of relaxation with a stay at Ananda in the Himalayas.

    Nestled in the Himalayan foothills in Northern India, this luxury destination spa and resort sits on a 100-acre estate. The resort is embraced by surrounding forests and overlooks the town of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley. Even if you came mainly for yoga, you’ll experience so much more.

    The entire area is infused with a strong sense of wellbeing, and the resort comes complete with multiple options for attaining it. In addition to yoga, you can enjoy philosophical lectures, aromatherapy, reflexology, physiotherapy and special workshops led by experts in a variety of areas of holistic wellbeing.

    A Secluded Beach in Fiji

    If azure waters, an immersive cultural experience, and a private lagoon aren’t enough to draw you to the Likuliku Lagoon Resort, perhaps the glass floors in the living room will do it. This luxury resort is designed for the adults-only crowd, with a lagoon that’s only open to residents staying in the deliciously sophisticated complex.

    The main building of the resort is shaped like a Fijian canoe house, surrounded by 45 private lodges with varying features. These private houses are locally known as bures, and you can opt for the glass-floor living rooms with an over-water bure, or go for a beachfront, garden beachfront, or deluxe beachfront bure.

    Whichever choice you select, you’ll be treated to scrumptious dining, spa and gym options, as well as a lineup of daily activities that range from snorkeling and island hopping to simply lying around on the pristine beach.

    A Remote Luxury Cabin in New Zealand

    If your ideal getaway means getting away from pretty much everything to hide out in a remote cabin, then you’ll love a vacation at The Annandale. This stretch of land along the Banks Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand is actually a working coastal farm, featuring four equally remote and totally private cabins for rent.

    These aren’t your average cabins, either. They’re luxury cabins outfitted with minimalist, modern furnishings and accommodations that could house a couple or an entire group. Private bedrooms, stunning views of the ocean, and comforting hills in the distance make any one of the cabins a perfectly relaxing pick.

    Because the land includes a farm, the meal options are as pure, natural and fresh as the surrounding landscape. You’re graced with delicious fuel for your body combined with unwinding time for the mind.

    We know. We can’t decide either. With such alluring choices for the best relaxing vacations in the world, you may just need to make relaxing vacations a regular habit year after year. Just make sure to renew your passport and secure any necessary visas before you leave. At Swift, we can help with both. Contact us with any questions. We’re always glad to help!

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