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  • Hold the Plane!

    The 5 Best US Airports to Fly Out Of (or Make Connections!)

    Hold the Plane!

    Don’t look for the biggest airports when booking your company flights. Look for the best. What’s the difference? Seeking out the biggest US airports will snag you the busiest and often most annoying transportation hubs. But looking for the best US airports is likely to land your employees in a place they can maneuver through in a snap, with straightforward terminals, efficient security lines and on-time flights. Here come five of the best US airports, as outlined by USA Today.

    Best US Airports (i.e. least likely to be  annoying)

    1. Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC): Passengers particularly dig the easy connections between flights, since terminals and concourses are all connected inside the security zone. That means connecting passengers don’t have to exit and come back in. The airport has been ranked as No. 1 for on-time departures and arrivals, even with the area’s ice and snow, even with the airport’s formidable daily schedule of about 650 flights.
    2. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina (CLT): Connections are again a breeze, thanks to a single terminal connecting multiple concourses. Security lines are hailed as some of the fastest around, with an average wait time in 2013 of fewer than 14 minutes.
    3. San Diego International Airport (SAN): On-time departures are as common as balmy weather in San Diego, as are short security wait times. USA Today clocked the wait in 2013 at a shade above 6 minutes, and that’s before the airport underwent a massive expansion project geared at making the experience even more efficient.
    4. Tampa International Airport (TPA): OK, this one has a slower security wait than its counterparts. But that wait time in 2013 was still fewer than 20 minutes (about 18, to be more exact). Keep in mind the airport has since been selected to participate in TSA’s PreCheck program, which pre-authorizes passengers for speedier service. Also keep in mind the airport consistently lands on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ top 10 list for on-time departures.
    5. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA): A low percentage of cancelled flights, even with all the area’s rain, remains one of the claims to fame of this hub..Others include convenient security lines that lead to access to all the gates, letting you pick the shortest overall line to get inside. On-time departures also rank high, consistently putting the airport among the top three for on-time flights.

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