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  • Thailand Tourist Visa

    New 6 Month Tourist Visa for Thailand

    We have some good news out of Thailand. As of early 2016, the Thai government introduced a new type of tourist visa for people of all nationalities. Americans and travelers from all over the world can now obtain a six month multiple-entry Thailand tourist visa. These new multiple entry visas will replace the countries current double and triple entry visas.

    This change is great news for people who want to visit Thailand. Quite often, Thailand is one destination on a multi-country trip to Southeast Asia. It’s quite common for people to fly into and out of Bangkok, but also want to see Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia on their travels. Hopefully, this new visa will make it easier for people traveling in and around Thailand to get in and out of the country with ease.

    It’s also great for people who have family living in Thailand. There is a huge ex-pat population in cities like Bangkok and Chang Mai, and Americans may want to visit their family members on a regular basis. That will now be easier thanks to the six month multiple entry visa.

    Single entry Thailand visas will still be available for people who simply want to visit Thailand once. Single entry visas currently cost $40 USD, and the six month, multiple entry visas cost $200 USD. These visas must me applied for before travel to Thailand, and cannot be obtained while in country.

    You should also keep in mind that while these 6 month visas allows for multiple entries within a six-month period, each stay duration may only last for up to 60 days. Visas become valid on the date that they are issued. The duration of stay is determined upon entry to Thailand.

    According to the Thai Office of Immigration Bureau, people who need to stay in Thailand longer than the six month window may apply for an extension of their visa. This can be done in person at the Bureau office in Bangkok or online at www.immigration.go.th. Keep in mind, however, that obtaining an extension is done at the sole discretion of the immigration office.

    If you have any questions about the new Thai visas or need help obtaining an expedited Thailand visa, contact Swift today. We’ll be happy to help you navigate the system and obtain all the travel documents you need with minimal stress!

    43 thoughts on “New 6 Month Tourist Visa for Thailand”

    1. You said that Visas become valid on the date they are issued. Does this mean that we should wait until right before we go to apply, or that we cannot apply say 3 or 4 months in advance of out trip or we loose that time?

      1. This is a great question! For Thailand, visas are valid from the date of issue, meaning the 6 months of validity start from the day the Thai Consulate issues the visa. If you are traveling in 3-4 months, we would recommend waiting to apply for the visa until about 2-3 weeks before travel. Typical processing time for a Thai Visa is about 4 business days. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi .
      I would like to get multiple vist visa for 6 mounthsfor thailand ..I have been to Thailand many times .so I think this new visa is a great thing .I live in south africa and have work permit here .I am the pakistani nationalaty .I need you to guide me to get 6 months visa .
      Imtiaz ali .

      1. Hi, We would love to be able to assist with your Thai Visa, however, we are only able to assist with residents of USA. I would recommend checking out the Thai Embassy in South Africa to see the requirements. The embassy’s website has all the information you need.
        Best of luck and safe travels to you!

    3. Hi, is it possible to obtain another six month visa once the first one expires? I am unclear if you are only able to have one or if there are time constraints between applying for a second sx month visa. Many thanks

      1. Typically there is no issue with applying for another 6 moth visa straight away. As long as you didn’t overstay previous visa or have any other immigration or legal issues, there should be no problem obtaining a second one.

    4. I could certainly use your help. I intend to travel to Thailand in Sept for 3-6 months and am having a challenging time trying to figure out the apply process. I have a form, but all the other requirements are stressing me out. Can you lend a hand?

      1. Hi Marilyn, you will need to leave Thailand on or before the visa expiration date. You can then return to Thailand without applying for a visa and stay up to 30 days. The entry without applying for a visa is dependent on where your passport is from. US, Canada and most European passports do not need a 30 day tourist visa.

      1. You will need to apply for the Retirement Visa while you are in Thailand. We would suggest securing an immigration firm in Thailand to assist with this, as it is all done in country. Hope this helps!

    5. Hi Rob,

      I’m currently living in Chiang Mai but planning on moving to Bangkok with my Thai girlfriend. On my last Visa I overstayed 4 days by accident. I paid the fine and extended my tourist visa in Chiang Mai. On the Step 1st I will need to do another visa run and wanted to give the 6 month visa a try. You mentioned that there maybe some issues with that due to me overstaying. Also would I need to apply outside of the country as well?

      Will the prevent me from getting the visa? I could sure use some advice.


      1. Hi… the approval of a 6 month visa is based on a variety of factors, overstaying a visa could be one of them. Were you formally reprimanded for overstaying the visa?

        1. When I went to extend my visa they just counted the days I was past told me the price and then gave me a fine receipt with my extensions receipt at the end. No one said anything to me or took me in an office. So I’m not really sure.

          Thanks for your fast reply.

          1. If that is the case, I would think you should be good getting another 6 month tourist visa. Typically, Thailand requires that you apply for this visa in your home country or country that you currently hold permanent residence in. If you’re planning on staying longer, you would apply through an immigration firm IN Thailand.
            Hope this helps!

    6. Robin Jorgensen

      Hi Rob.
      I need a good advise about 6 month multi entry visa.
      I am travel around Asia, just arrived from Vietnam 5 days ago, I would like to have my “Base” Here in Thailand, and now I have 30 days visa on arrival
      I am right now in Chiang Rai and do you think its possible to go to the Immigration offs here in Chiang Rai and apply for 6 month Multi entry visa ? Or what do I do ?
      Its Along way back to Denmark just to apply for a visa
      Best Regards and thanks for a good website


      1. Hi Robin, great question. You can apply for a visa extension (length of extension ranges from 15-30 days) in Thailand for approximately THB 1,900. If you wanted a 6 month visa, you would most likely need to apply in your country of residence. In theory, you could do the visa on arrival and get extensions for as long as you wanted, obtaining that 6 month visa should be done in Denmark. Hope this is of help!

    7. hello, my plan is to visit Thailand for the max 60 days and then go to Vietnam for 90 days and then over to Laos for 30 days and come back to Thailand for 60 days. Is my best option to apply for a 6 month Visa and then once their apply for another 6 month Visa since It will be past the original 6 months allowed?

      1. Hello… Typically, Thailand requires that you apply for the 6 month visa each time you need one in your home country or country that you currently hold permanent residence in.

    8. If I obtain a 6 month Visa and make 2 trips to Thailand withing those months for 2 months at a time would I still need to pay extra to stay 60 days vs 30 days or does the 6 month Visa cover everything?

    9. Hello Rob if we have a 6 month visa which expires 10 November and we have left Thsiland and reentered by 8th November do we have 60 days before leaving ie January or do we have to be out of country by 10 November many thanks lynn

      1. Hi Lynn… You will most likely be allowed entry into Thailand if you enter before the expiration date. However, the length of stay will be determined by the Thai Immigration Officer upon arrival in Thailand, as the 6-Month Tourist Visa is valid for stays UP TO 60 days. Typical durations are 15 days, 30 days and 60 days and are granted based on immigration officer’s discretion. Hope this helps…

    10. Can you have an agent apply for your new visa in home country, so you don’t have to return home? Or can one do it oneself from overseas? also as I understand this new 6 month visa, you need to leave the country twice correct?

      1. Typically, Thailand requires that you apply for the 6 month visa each time you need one in your home country or country that you currently hold permanent residence in. You would need to surrender your physical passport for the visa to be issued. A visa may not be granted if there is not an exit stamp from Thailand that corresponds with the entry stamp. That being said, you could send your passport in to an agency, such as Swift.
        These visas are valid for stays UP TO 60 days. Typical durations are 15 days, 30 days and 60 days and are granted based on immigration officer’s discretion.

    11. Hello Rob,

      I looked at this 6 month multiple entry visa …., do you really need to keep over 6 000USD + ( 300.000 thb) on our account .. if so it seem a bit much considering that you need 400.000 in a bank account if you want a O visa( married to a Thai) . and then each time that you want to re apply , as you mention it, you must be in your home country , never mind the round trip home and the cost associated with it , i leave in California , but then we have to make sure that we have 6 grant’s again ….? if so I fail to see how that can be good for someone who leave far away and had his wife in Thailand and who doesn’t make at least 6000 usd + a month minimum and still is willing to go through a major change in life style …even making 5 000 + a month who is an ok salary for the State’s ..if you only have a mortgage, pay your bill’s here, want to save for old age a little every months ,if you have a Thai wife and still want to keep on working .. good luck keeping 6 000 + on your account monthly, well they wanted only for the 2 previous months , still ….. Of course I can buy a lottery ticket each week . Am I missing something ..? anyway great work on all the info’s and timely reply’s .. Alan

    12. Iam from England UK iam traveling to Thailand next year may or June want to stay few months how do I go about getting 6month tourist visa after I land at Thai airport

      1. Typically, Thailand requires that you apply for the 6 month in your home country or country that you currently hold permanent residence in. This visa is not available once in Thailand. I would recommend contacting the Thai Embassy or consulate in UK to apply.

    13. On the 6 month visa. You said that you can only stay 60 days at a time. Can I do a border run? Then when I come back will I be given another 60 days?

      1. The visa is issued for stays up to 60 days. The length of stay is determined by the immigration at the border when you enter. So if you do a border run after being in Thailand for 60 days prior and leave and come back quickly, there is possibility that the immigration agent could limit your stay if they felt inclined.

    14. So each year I get a family visa – 90 days through the Thai Embassey in Chicago. My wife is Thai. I’m always trying to be prepared and organized and sent the paperwork three weeks before my flight with instructions to issue the visa the day of the flight. I’ve seen in comments here that the visas are valid the day it is issued. That means I just lost three weeks of my trip. I’m so upset. How can I logistically maneuver around waiting for the Embassey to send back my passport and visa within a short window to catch my flight. Ridiculous! Can’t they date the day the visa is valid the day you arrive in Thailand?

      1. The 6 month Thai Tourist visa is valid for multiple entries over a period of 6 months from the day the visa is issued. Typically, the visa holder can stay in Thailand for UP TO 90 days at a time. This duration is determined by the Immigration official at the border checkpoint. Hope this helps!

    15. Avinash Kumar Singh

      Hi, I am having Malaysian 6 month multiple entry Visa which is issued on 24 Sep 2018. I just want to know that until which date in March 2019, I can be in Malaysia or which date I have to leave Malaysia.


      1. The most accurate way to see when you need to leave Malaysia is to look at your most recent entry stamp, it should tell you how many days you are able to stay in the country. The date is typically determined at immigration when you arrive in the country. I hope this helps!

    16. To clarify: There is no 6 month tourist visa. There is a 60-day visa. After it is processed, you can enter Thailand for 60 days but only within that 6-month window. It also costs $200 which is considerably more expensive than simply extending the free 30-day visa at Thai immigration. You also need that you have sustained a $6,000 balance in a US bank account every month for six months.

      Thai immigration policy is nutty. Anyone with that kind of income would go just to observe the nuttiness. Not to live in it.

      1. The Thai Government calls it a “6 Month” visa because the visa is valid for 6 months. Duration of stay is determined by the immigration official upon entry into Thailand.

    17. Hi rob i will be obtaining a 6 month visa in the U.K. before travelling to Thailand. Do I need a return ticket or would i be allowed entry with one way ticket,thanks paul.

      1. Hi Paul… they will most likely want to see a plane ticket into and departing Thailand. Once the visa has been issued, your travel dates can change within the dates the visa is valid for

    18. Hi. My wife and I are coming to Thailand in February to house sit for 4 months. What is the best visa to apply for. If we have to leave the country after 60 days. where is the best place to go to get visa good for another 60 days if I’m reading this right do we go to Việt Nam! Or Malaysia or other country and how long would we have to stay over nite or come back the same da6
      Thanks Paul

      1. Hi Paul, You can apply for the 6 month tourist visa. Thai immigration will most likely have you limited to 60 days max stay per entry. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos are all easy trips and well worth the journey to!

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