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  • 4 Day Cruises

    Looking for Affordable Labor Day Getaway? Try Cruising!

    Looking for something exciting to do this Labor Day weekend? Or maybe you just want a chance to be pampered? Maybe you’re looking for something fun and affordable that you can do with your family?

    Whatever you want to do with your Labor Day travel, a 4-day cruise might be the perfect solution.4 Day Cruises

    All of the major cruise companies have 4 day cruises departing from ports on the East and West Coasts and from the Gulf of Mexico. Weekend cruises are the perfect way to get away without spending a fortune or wasting too much time planning. The joy of a great cruise is that the journey is just as fun as many of the destinations. You can enjoy a 5-star cabin, fine dining, entertainment, and a lot of sunshine before you even get where you’re going. Here are four cruises that you should consider this Labor Day weekend.

    Peaceful Relaxation

    Carnival has a four night cruise departing from Long Beach, California. This cruise heads out to Catalina Island and down to Ensenada, Mexico. Both places are known for their relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery. On Catalina, you can window shop to your heart’s content and enjoy a hike around the islands. Down in Mexico, you can relax on the beach and have some of the best margaritas you’ll find anywhere.

    Party in Style

    Princess Cruise Lines has a four day cruise that leaves from Los Angeles and heads down to Cabo San Lucas. You’ll get to spend two full days in Cabo San Lucas soaking in the sun and having the time of your life. You can enjoy the local bars and nightlife, or spend your days deep-sea fishing off the coast. There’s also excellent snorkeling, and you may even see a whale shark.

    Nassau is for Lovers

    If you’re looking for a little bit more romance and you’re based on the East Coast, consider Carnival’s three-day cruise from Port Canaveral down to the Bahamas. You’ll spend a day in Freeport and another day in Nassau where you’ll get to enjoy sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The Bahamas also have great nightlife including casinos, fine dining, and more fruity cocktails than you can handle.

    Fun for the Whole Family

    If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, what could be better than a Disney cruise to the Bahamas? Disney is great at creating cruises that have fun for the whole family with lots of specially crafted activities and features for children. This cruise is either three or four days and stops at both Nassau and Castaway Cay, Disney’s very own private island.

    Wherever you choose to go, make sure your passport is in order before Labor Day gets too close. If you’ve already booked a vacation and found out that your passport is expired, contact the Swift team and we’ll help you get all of your travel documents up to date as quickly as possible.

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