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  • Announcing the Launch of Swift’s New Website

    Swift has a fancy new look and a new logo, but the changes are far from just cosmetic.

    At Swift Passport Services, we’re always looking for new ways to make travel easier for our clients. It can be a tough job, what with visa requirements changing all the time and consulates getting backed up due to international sporting events, political change, and a whole host of other reasons. But we’ve found a new way to provide you with more thorough, up to date travel information and better services wherever you’re heading…

    Welcome to the new Swift website! We’ve got a fancy new look and a new logo, but the changes are far from just cosmetic. We’ve put together a comprehensive database of the current travel requirements for every country in the world.

    Check it out for yourself. From SwiftPassportServices.com, click on Expedited Visas near the top left-hand side of the page. A form labeled with a number one will appear that asks what country you’re visiting, what country your passport is from, and what type of visa you will need (business, student, leisure, etc.) If you need a visa, the page will automatically take you to the second step: a list of all the required travel documents, including links, and detailed information about any fees or special requirements that go along with visiting your chosen country.

    If you don’t need a visa for the country you’ve selected, a box will pop up that will tell you the country’s travel requirements – for example, whether you need six months of validity left on your passport or if any vaccines are recommended or required before visiting.

    If you find that you do need a visa where you’re going, you can continue down the page to request an expedited visa from Swift. Or you can use the links and information we provide to obtain your visa on your own. It’s up to you.

    In addition to this sparkling new information service, our website has a new secure portal for making payments online. Completing the payment process for visas or passport applications is now easier than ever.

    We hope that you like the new website and find the information both useful and easy to access. Of course, you can still reach us over the phone anytime if you have a pressing question or simply prefer people to computers. We also welcome your feedback on the changes. Our goal is to make all of our services – online, over the phone, and in person – as convenient and helpful as possible, so if you spot something that we could be doing better, please let us know.

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