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  • best airports for layovers singapore

    5 Best Airports for Layovers

    best airports for layovers singapore

    The very idea of an airport layover is often enough to make many business travelers complain. But the groaning can turn into glee if you happen to be spending your time between flights at one of the best airports for layovers.

    We headed over to check out the Best Airports for Layovers 2016 winners, which were based on SleepingInAirports survey results from international travelers. Since we were chagrined to find no U.S. airports on the list, we amended the lineup to include at least one American airport. Find out where to schedule your next layover below:

    Tampa International Airport (TPA)

    A streamlined travel experience puts Tampa International Airport at the top of the best airports for layover list in the U.S. The airport boasts a simplistic, hub-and-spoke layout that helps ensure you couldn’t get lost even if you wanted to. Friendly staff, pay-per-use lounges, free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour food options keep this airport ranking high.

    Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)

    One survey respondent noted their eight-hour layover felt like it “ended too soon” when it was time to make the connecting flight. In addition to a free tour of the city, the airport offers a free movie theater, massage chairs, fish spa pedicures, multiple gardens, napping rooms, a swimming pool, and showers. Pay-per-use lounges and free Wi-Fi are a given. All this is topped off with a well-staffed, extremely well-kept environment.

    Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN)

    An indoor ice-skating rink, movie theater, and cultural center help propel this South Korean airport to the front of the best airports for layovers list. Free city tours are part of the lineup, as are free showers, free Wi-Fi, massage chairs, a museum, a nearby golfing center, and tons of tantalizing shops.

    Munich International Airport (MUC)

    Germany makes the best airports for layovers list with Munich International Airport, a well-designed, entertainment-packed airport that doubles as a major hub for travelers heading to Europe. Nap cabins are at your service, as are a mini golf course, free tea and coffee stalls, and an in-house brewery boasting Bavarian brews. Summer surfing and winter ice skating top off the things to do while you’re waiting at MUC.

    Zurich Kloten International Airport (ZRH)

    Supreme efficiency, cleanliness, and organization helped Switzerland’s Zurich Kloten International Airport make the best airports for layovers list. Extremely helpful signage ensures travelers can easily make it to their gates, while an overall quiet atmosphere makes it an ideal place to relax. Although prices in the shops and restaurants are often too high for price-minded travelers, the airport does have a grocery store in the basement for more affordable food and refreshments.

    With all the glorious perks at these top-notch airports, it wouldn’t be surprising if you opted for a layover during your next business trip. Just make sure your passport is up to date, any required visas are in hand, and you’ll be ready to go. Feel free to contact us with any questions; Swift is always happy to help!

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