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  • tired during business meeting

    How to Function at Business Meetings With Zero Sleep

    tired during business meeting

    Business travel comes packed with many thrills, and trying to function at business meetings with zero sleep is certainly one of them. This scenario can crop up all too often for frequent business travelers, whether it’s due to catching a red-eye, a change in time zones, or flight delays that land you at your destination 14 minutes instead of 14 hours before the meeting.

    And before you argue that trying to stay awake through a business meeting on no sleep is not a thrill at all, just wait until you read the creative solutions we’ve come up with below.

    Drink coffee

    Coffee can save you when you’re forced to function with zero sleep, especially if you take your coffee black, steaming hot, and in a 36-ounce jumbo mug. While some sources say you’ll get as perked up as you’re going to get on coffee after drinking only two cups, your mind may be able to trick you into thinking otherwise. You’ll find that out when you’re totally alert and awake, at least temporarily, after your third or fourth mug.

    Eat sugar

    Sugar can give you a massive boost of energy, but that boost is also followed by a sharp crash. The trick to making this tip work is to time your sugar intake appropriately. Make sure whatever candy, donuts, soda pop, or cookies you consume are spaced far enough apart throughout the meeting to keep the energy surge going until its conclusion – or at least until the lights are turned off for the PowerPoint presentation.

    Take notes

    Even if you’re scribbling squiggly lines or doodling pictures of your dog, keeping yourself physically active helps to keep you awake. If space permits, you can even get up and start jogging in place or doing jumping jacks.

    Stay mentally active

    You’re more likely to stay awake through the meeting if your brain is swirling with lots of thoughts. Think about your favorite food or your least favorite drink. Recite the alphabet backward. Memorize all the info on your suit label. See how many words you can make out of the letters in the word “slumber.”

    Keep your eye on the prize

    Getting through a tough situation is always much easier if there’s a big, fat juicy reward at the end. Keep reminding yourself that getting through this meeting means you can then indulge in whatever prize is at the end of the rainbow. Maybe it’s closing a lucrative business deal. Maybe it’s the promotion you’ll receive from going on all these business trips. Or perhaps it’s the ultimate reward of all: a post-meeting nap in your hotel room.

    Even if you end up missing sleep during a business trip, you don’t have to lose any sleep beforehand. Swift can help make sure of that by taking care of all your expedited passport and business visa needs. Contact us anytime; we’re always happy to help!

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