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    Business Travel Partnerships With Swift Passport Services

    Did you know that it can take more than 6 weeks to obtain a passport?  In the next three years about 47 million U.S. passports will expire.  The government does not have the resources to keep up current processing times with a demand that large.  Imagine the opportunity for your travel agency, to be able to offer a solution for customers who need a passport quickly during this unique time in the US where it will take potentially 6 weeks or more to obtain a passport through normal channels.

    Swift Passport and Visa Services is an innovative US Passport and international visa expediting service.  Based in Chicago, Swift was established in 2008 by husband and wife team Rob and Laurie Lee. After living abroad for 2 years in Central America, they identified the need for expedited Passport and Visa services due to their own challenges securing travel documents in their short stints visiting the US. In 2009, Swift began partnering with Travel Agencies and business travelers across the USA offering a variety of unique business models new to the passport and visa industry.

    Business VisasWith a network of partnerships nationwide, Swift Passport Services can reach clients in all 50 states. We’re registered with the US Department of State and have regular access to all foreign consulates nationwide in six major cities. Our Chicago office at 1 East Erie Street is strategically located down the hall from the China Consulate to better serve our clientele. This has allowed us to better accommodate the vast number of people needing assistance traveling to China.

    With Swift, you can count on a friendly, experienced staff of passport experts to help you get the job done on time so that your customers don’t have to worry about missing important international trips. Businesses that choose to work directly with the US Passport Agency or foreign consulates can spend upwards of four to eight weeks trying to obtain passports. Swift Passport Services can deliver those same passports and visas in as little as one business day. Licensed by the Department of State, Swift is able to deliver such quick results due to our long-standing relationships with foreign consulates and our precise attention to detail.

    Swift has built lasting relationships with our corporate partners. Regardless of size, we treat every client with respect, honesty, and integrity. With Swift Passport Services, you can rest assured that your passport and visa needs will be handled efficiently and effectively.

    Swift Passport Services is committed to evolving into the greatest, most trusted & reliable passport and visa expediting service in the USA, always measuring checks and balances to see where we can improve our service, expand service, and provide the best possible travel solutions to a wide variety of clients.  Our staff is connected to our guiding principles, to provide a memorable, streamlined, high quality service experience to each and every one of our clients.  Our culture, DNA and day-to-day activities and actions support our guiding principles.  Businesses who use our service look at Swift as a trusted extension of their business; a reliable and trusted partner that allows them to focus on their own business instead of the details involved in obtaining passports and visas.  Individuals who use our service are blown away by the ease of our process, and helpfulness of our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We are committed to getting the job done right the first time, and to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible.

    At Swift, it is our number 1 priority to be on the same page with each and every one of our clients to eliminate the element of surprise and misunderstanding during your service.  Passport and visa requirements, fees, and turn around times are listed on our website for anyone to see. You do not need to purchase our service to get this information.  Each of our clients receive detailed email order updates throughout the entire service.  All clients will receive the following email updates (the user can select up to 3 emails per order to receive updates)

    • Itemized receipt
    • Confirmation that their package arrived at Swift/ estimated completion date of the service
    • Confirmation that the service is complete/ link to FedEx tracking for their package

    In addition to the updates, each client is updated

    • Via phone AND email if there is a problem that requires their action
    • Immediate communication if there is a delay in the service/change to the initial stated time frame for the service to be complete
    • Scan of documents being processed upon request

    You will know the status of your documents at all times with Swift!

    Leverage our expertise so that you can become an expert in expedited passports today!

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