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  • Business Visa Tips

    Did you know that Millennials are twice as likely to seek out business trips as their Baby Boomer predecessors? The youngest working generation is also the most creative and adventurous. Fortunately, travel trends are making it even easier for business travelers, regardless of their age, to venture around the globe. Ticket prices have gone down over the last few years, making air travel anywhere from 8% to 13% less expensive than it was in 2014.BUSINESS

    Another great advance has been the rise of E-visas. Getting a business visa to most countries used to be a major pain, but the process has been getting simpler and simpler thanks to the Internet. When traveling to countries like Australia, Thailand, and India, you can obtain a business visa entirely online in a matter of minutes.

    But some countries haven’t quite caught up to the E-visa phenomenon. If you need a business visa to countries like Brazil, China, or Russia, these tips will help you reduce your stress, your time spent waiting, and your headaches.

    1. Plan ahead

    Whenever possible, try to apply for your business visa eight weeks or more before a big trip. The more time you give yourself to get your visa in hand, the less you’ll have to worry as your trip approaches. Some visas can take anywhere from four to six weeks to obtain, and unexpected delays can crop up at any time. So if at all possible, get your ducks in a row and apply for your visas as soon as you can.

    1. Choose a business visa service to help you expedite your visas

    In most cases, business trips aren’t scheduled several months in advance. When a last minute trip comes up, you need someone that you can rely on to help you obtain an expedited business visa reliably and affordably. Here at Swift, we offer a variety of business visa services to organizations ranging from one-man operations to Fortune 500 companies. Contact us anytime to learn more about our services.

    1. Think about applying for a second valid passport

    As a regular business traveler, you might qualify for a second valid US passport. Having two passports allows you to travel with one while you use the other to obtain business visas. Since some countries require you to actually send in your passport in order to get a visa, having a second one on hand can be very helpful.


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