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  • The Businessman's Last Minute Traveling Checklist

    The Businessman’s Last Minute Traveling Checklist

    The Businessman's Last Minute Traveling Checklist

    Boss just mention you’re scheduled for a business trip next week? Don’t fret; take a few deep breaths. Then arm yourself with this businessman travel checklist, compiled with info from Eagle Creek, Huffington Post and our own experience here at Swift Passport and Visa Services.

    All Travel

    Bring enough clothing and toiletries to last the duration of your travel, and maybe an extra pair of underwear and socks.

    • Business attire: Suits, shirts, dress shoes
    • Casual attire: Casual slacks, shirts, walking shoes
    • Other attire: Underwear, socks, pajamas
    • Weather-related attire: Check the forecast for your destination, packing sunglasses or rain gear as required.
    • Toiletries: Go through your routine, noting each item you use on a daily basis. Then pack a travel version in your toiletry case.
    • Electronics and their chargers: Two electronics should do fine, such as your smartphone and your laptop or tablet. No need to go nuts with music players, e-readers and other gadgets when you can perform the same functions on your two chosen electronics.
    • Driver’s license or ID card
    • Plane tickets, reservation confirmation numbers
    • Cash and credit or debit cards
    • Itineraries and map of relevant locations
    • Hotel, car rental and other pertinent contact info
    • Emergency plan as outlined by your company
    • Other: Breath mints, business cards, pens, paper, flash drive, lip balm, any materials required for presentations or meetings

    International Travel

    The businessman travel checklist for international destinations has a few additional requirements.

    • Passport: Make sure your passport is current, and know some countries require your passport be valid for three months or longer from the date of your entry into the country
    • Visa, if needed: Not every country requires a visa, and you can check your destination on our expedited visa page. That’s the same place you get help receiving certain visas in a jiffy if you discover you need one but have yet to obtain it.
    • Exchange money
    • Access code for the country
    • Info on local customs, immunization requirements
    • Converters for electronics and plugs, if needed

    Scrambling with last-minute business travel requirements? Swift not only can help with expedited passport and visa services, but you can also contact us with any questions you may have about your upcoming trip. Our goal is to help your business trip proceed as smoothly as possible (and remind you to take extra socks).

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