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  • China Passport Pick Up Service Chicago

    Applying to renew your Chinese passport requires an in person visit to a Chinese Consulate.  Not every state has a Chinese Consulate, so for many people this means they have to travel out of state to get their Chinese passport.

    The China Consulate is broken up into jurisdictions.  When you apply for a Chinese passport, or even a Chinese visa, you need to apply in the jurisdiction where you reside.

    Once you successfully submit your documents to the Consulate, the consular agent will give you a pink pick up slip.  At the bottom of the slip is the date that your passport or visa will be issued.  For out-of-staters, that means that they have to leave and come back to the Consulate at a later date, and cross state lines AGAIN.  Whether you are traveling from Wisconsin or Colorado, this trip can be expensive between time off work, gas, parking, and food.

    For those that don’t want to spend the time and money on an out of state trip, Swift Passport and Visa has a great option.  For $150, all you have to do is walk down the hall from the Consulate in suite 500 to Swift’s office in suite 525.  You will be greeted by a friendly visa specialist who will arrange to pick up your passport on the completion date and ship it back to you via FedEx.  Return tracking information is provided, and Swift keeps in touch with you until your package is safe in your hands.

    “It cost me $42 to park in the parking garage near the consulate, and cost at least $60 in gas to drive to Chicago from Ann Arbor.  Lunch in the city was another $10.  That’s an extra $110+ I that know I would spend if I come back to pick up my Chinese passport.  It’s less expensive to use Swift than it is to do it myself, it’s a no-brainer,” says Charlie Ming.

    Questions about our service?  Email us at china@swiftpassport.com, and ask for more information about our pick up service.

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