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  • Companies Who Are Giving Back During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Throughout these difficult times, it’s vital that we all work together (while apart) to help those in need. It’s no secret that many people have been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic – we’ve all had to be apart from loved ones, millions of people across the United States have lost their jobs, and worst is that many people have been sick or know someone who has been sick from the COVID-19.

    During these uncertain times, there’s one thing that is giving us all hope – a sense of community. Neighbors helping the elderly get groceries, kind people making and donating masks to hospitals, and businesses large and small are finding ways to help give back. With that being said, there are four companies we’ve noticed that have made a substantial impact during the Coronavirus Pandemic – Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Windstar Cruises, Freshly, and JetBlue.

    Here’s how these generous companies have been giving back during the Coronavirus Pandemic:

    Hilton Hotels and Resorts

    With more than 971,000 hotel rooms spread across the globe, the Hilton Hospitality Group is one of the largest players in the hospitality industry. Recently, Hilton announced that it was partnering with American Express. After a long shift of helping people in need, our amazing medical professionals need a safe and comfortable place where they can enjoy a good night’s sleep, which is why these two companies are donating one million hotel nights to nurses, EMT workers, and doctors around the country. 

    Hilton CEO, Christopher J. Nassetta recently stated, “During this crisis, we have seen so many examples of medical professionals working in the most challenging circumstances, sacrificing their own needs for the greater good. They truly are heroes. We are honored to extend our hospitality to them during this difficult time.”

    Find out how you can donate to medical professionals during the Coronavirus pandemic here.

    Windstar Cruises

    Windstar Cruises is a company that owns and runs a fleet of small luxury ships (and was voted the best small ship cruise line in 2019). This company is playing a substantial part during these trying times by donating seven pallets of dairy and produce to Feeding South Florida (which is apart of the Feeding America network).

    Feeding South Florida collects and distributes food to people based in South Florida, and works to try and nourish as many underprivileged families as possible. Windstar Cruises also recently donated butter and milk to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank from one of their canceled cruises.

    You can donate to Feeding America here.


    Freshly is a meal subscription service that offers pre-made meals that people can simply pop in their ovens and enjoy. This company has decided to give back to a specific group of people during this time – the elderly. As you may know, the elderly are more prone to contracting the Coronavirus, which makes it more of a risk for them to go out and get essential products such as food.

    This is why Freshly has partnered with Nestle in donating $500,000 to Meals on Wheels America. Meals on Wheels provides safe and healthy food delivery, and during this time they are making sure that seniors are staying safe and healthy by delivering nutritious meals directly to their doorstep. The $500,000 that was donated by Freshly will allow Meals on Wheels to continue providing the elderly with a safe way to receive their meals.

    You can donate to Meals on Wheels America here.


    With over 42 million people using their services a year, it’s no secret that JetBlue is a popular choice amongst travelers. Due to the current situation happening around the world, JetBlue had decided to suspend 40 percent of its flights beginning in mid-March until further notice. You may be wondering, what can you do with hundreds of empty planes to help during the Coronavirus? The airline giant decided to utilize their empty planes by volunteering to transport medical professionals and medical supplies to places that need them most – mainly in large, overcrowded hospitals.

    JetBlue went into further detail about the generous act in a recent statement, “Air travel is an essential global service and we are committed to meeting travel needs, some of which are critical.  During this time of uncertainty, we remain committed to our mission of Inspiring Humanity and our social impact pillars – community and youth/education. This includes our main resources – flights and assets from our network of partners.”

    Find out how you can donate to medical professionals during the Coronavirus pandemic here.

    During these difficult times, it’s important that we all stick together and help each other in any way possible. If you’re looking for ways that you can help during these unpredictable circumstances, here’s a great list of 14 ways that you can give back during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please stay safe, healthy, and virtually connected to your loved ones during this time – we’ll get through this together!

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