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  • Online Passport Application

    How to Complete Your Passport Application Online with Ease!

    Online Passport Application

    If you’re scrambling to renew your passport or get your first passport before a big international trip, we’re going to save you a lot of time searching the internet:

    You can’t apply for a passport entirely online. The US government doesn’t currently allow it.

    I know, it’s a bummer, right? Don’t get sucked into websites promising an online passport application service. While you can fill out the application for a new passport or a renewed passport online, you’ll ultimately have to print out your application and mail it in or submit it in person at a passport agency. If you’re applying for your first passport, you’ll also need to have your application executed by a  .

    But I need a passport by the end of the week! What do I do??

    Don’t worry. Even though you can’t complete your entire passport application instantly online, we can still expedite your passport application and get you a new or renewed passport in as little as one business day.

    How Expedited Passports Work

    Swift is a non-government third party service that works with the US Department of State to provide expedited passport services to people who have confirmed travel plans within two weeks. Basically, we help you cut the line and get your passport in one, two, three, or four-six business days. (The expediting fee goes down the more wiggle room you have in your schedule.)

    The process for expediting your passport application is explained fully on our website here.

    Put simply, if you’re applying for a new passport, you’ll need to   online, print it out, and gather up the other necessary application documents, such as a passport photo, original proof of your US citizenship, and your payment to the government. (Please note that though the application website lists pricing information, you won’t make any sort of payment when you fill out your passport application online.) You’ll then take those materials to a passport acceptance agent near you – you can look up local agents here – to make sure your application is complete and accurate.

    Once that’s done, you’ll using either FedEx or UPS to ensure a timely, safe delivery. Depending upon your expediting speed, we’ll then send you back your new passport in a matter of days.

    If you’re simply renewing your passport, you can skip the step of visiting the passport acceptance agent. And if you’re not in a rush, you can always apply for a passport directly through a local passport office. Our services are meant to help travelers who need a quick turnaround time, as the wait times for a new passport can be anywhere from four to eight weeks.

    We’re also available to help you obtain expedited visas to countries like Russia and China, and we offer our services on a broader scale to companies ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies, too. Contact Swift any time to learn more or to ask questions about our services for expedited passports.

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