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    These Are the Countries You Need Power Adaptors For

    You have your passport, your corporate laptop, your smartphone charger, and your agenda for your international business trip – but that doesn’t mean you’re good to go. Unless you’re traveling to a country that uses the exact same type of outlet you find the US, you’re going to need an adapter to plug in your laptop and other electronic devices.

    In addition to the types A and B used in the US, you’ll find more than a dozen different adapter options around the world. The full gamut of adapters runs from A through N, and we’ve highlighted some of the most popular countries you need power adapters for below.

    Type B: Japan, United States

    If you’re traveling to a country that uses a Type B outlet, your US device may already be raring to go. Japan is on the list of countries that use the Type B configuration.

    • Fits: Three prongs
    • Two slots with hole below them for grounding
    • Triangular pattern on round or triangular base

    Type C: Most of Europe

    Most of Europe uses the Type C adapter, which features a straightforward configuration of two round prongs of equal size.

    • Fits: Two prongs
    • Two round holes of equal size
    • Elongated base with two holes side by side

    Type D: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Namibia

    If you’re traveling to India, you’re likely to need the Type D adapter. Don’t confuse the Type D with the slightly larger Type M used in parts of South Africa. The Type D is smaller and based on old British standards that are still in use in certain countries.

    • Fits: Three round prongs
    • Two smaller holes, one larger hole beneath it
    • Triangular configuration

    Type E/F: France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands

    Due to their similarities, Type E and Type F adapters are often sold as a single unit that can work with both configurations. You’ll find Type E in France and Belgium and Type F in Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

    Type E

    • Fits: Two round prongs with shallow hole for grounding pin
    • Two round holes, one slightly raised grounding pin
    • Triangular configuration, round base

    Type F

    • Fits: Two round prongs, two grounding clips on the side
    • Two round holes, one slightly raised grounding pin
    • Triangular configuration, round base

    Type G: UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, Malta, Malaysia

    The Type G adapter has three flattened prongs and a triangular configuration. You’ll need it to access outlets in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and several other countries.

    • Fits: Three flattened prongs
    • Three slots, with one running perpendicular to the other two
    • Triangular configuration

    Cut to the Chase

    If you’re traveling to multiple countries or are sick of hunting and pecking for the adapter, you may need before each international business trip, you can always go for a world set of adapters. World sets generally come with at least five of the most popular adapter configurations used around the globe.

    You can also always dig more deeply with your research if your destination is not one of the more popular on the list of counties you need power adapters for. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a great resource for travelers.

    One more note is to check the voltage your electronic devices are designed to handle. Many laptops and other larger devices will accept a range of voltages, such as 110V to 240V, making them safe for higher voltages of 220 or more found in many other countries. Smaller devices like your chargers, however, may require a converter or transformer to work properly with the higher voltages found in other countries.

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