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  • Eight Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

    Though traveling provides us with so many amazing experiences, finding somewhere to stay can be grueling. You have to consider its location, the cleanliness, and of course, the price.

    Sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeAway allow travelers to browse through thousands of vacation rental options to find one that fits their needs. Vacation rentals have become more popular in recent years with many choosing them over hotels.

    If it’s your first time renting while on vacation, we have eight tips for finding the perfect vacation rental.

    Do Some Research

    It’s essential to plan for a trip. Once you’ve decided where to go, find out your must-see places map out a brief itinerary. This way, you get to precisely pinpoint which rental units are available around the area.

    Remember that accessibility is key when staying somewhere new. Make sure there are restaurants, shopping centers, and attractions within driving distance of your rental.

    Determine What Type of Rental You Want

    Ask yourself, do you want to rent a studio unit? Or a one-bedroom rental? Would you rather have a rental property in a secluded area for some peace of mind? Or a property at the town center?

    Determine what you really like before booking a property. We know it is easier said than done, but at the least make sure you’re comfortable with your decision.

    It could help if you write down what you’re looking for, and then tick the boxes as you search for a rental – the property that has most boxes ticked wins!

    Use the Map Tool

    If it’s your first time visiting a particular location, there’s nothing wrong with turning to our trusty friend, Google Maps.

    As soon as you find a prospect unit, put the address down a map tool to see what attractions are nearby. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s in walking distance or driving distance, and if there is enough for you to do/see while you’re there.

    Book Your Trip in Advance

    You really don’t want the hassle of looking for a place to stay after hours of flying. It’s best that you book your rental in advance rather than waiting to do so last minute. 

    If you start looking for a property ahead of time, there will be many more choices for you to pick from, which will give you a better chance of booking your dream rental. Another great thing that happens when you book in advance is that many hosts offer a cheaper rate.

    Read the Rental Property Rules

    Make sure to read the rental property rules. Rules are added to keep you safe, to make sure the house stays intact, and to ensure that everyone has a good time. Rules also give you an idea of how the host expects their property to be treated.

    Another thing that is sometimes neglected by travelers is the check out time. Check out times are important considering that there are likely guests checking in after you, and there has to be enough time for the house to be prepared for them.

    Figure out your budget

    Figure out and make sure you stay within your budget. There is nothing wrong with doing so.

    Price is not the only essential factor that would make your Airbnb stay stand out from the rest. Do not shell out money before you even check the amenities the host offers. Do not get lured with just the photos they share and a few good reviews.

    Be very cautious because no one else will do it for you.

    Book Heavily Reviewed Places

    There are two reasons why a customer would leave a review of a property – they either have something useful to say, or they had a terrible experience.

    A quality vacation rental listing has several good reviews and maybe a few subpar reviews – this is the kind of property you should be looking for.

    Don’t go for properties that only display positive reviews, as it can be too good to be true. At the same time, do not choose a property that does not even have a single good review. 

    Take a Look at a Property’s Response Time

    If you have any questions, make sure they get answered before you book a rental.

    Sometimes, a listing can be vague will leave you with questions. That’s why home rental websites often offer contact options, and most times the host puts up their phone number or email.

    If a host chooses to display their number but takes a long time to respond, chances are it will also take them a long time to respond in case you encounter problems on the day you arrive. This is a big no-no.

    Lastly, if you are looking at traveling anytime soon, make sure to prioritize hygiene and cleanliness. Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC believes that an excellent rental property would invest in a reputable Airbnb turnaround service.

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