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  • Future Travel to Cuba

    What to Expect with Future Travel to Cuba

    Future Travel to Cuba

    Many US citizens are wondering how their travel plans to Cuba might be affected in 2017, given both the election of Donald Trump and the recent death of Fidel Castro. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict what might happen, but chances are that things will change.

    The death of Castro is unlikely to have any sort of effect on the United States’ relationship with Cuba, and therefore is unlikely to affect Cuba visas. While Castro was well known the world over and had a major role in shaping Cuba as we now know it, he hadn’t actually run the country in many years. When his health began to fail, he ceded the reigns to his brother, Raul Castro, in 2006. Thus, his death won’t affect who is in power in Cuba.

    The election of Donald Trump, on the other hand, is likely to have an effect on our relationship with Cuba, but what that effect will be remains to be seen. It is entirely possible that Trump will roll back all of the changes that President Obama made, once again restricting travel to Cuba for US citizens.

    It is also possible that Trump will expand our relationship with Cuba even further. It might become even easier to visit Cuba under a Trump presidency. Right now, it’s impossible to say what President-Elect Trump will do.

    Right now, a US citizen can obtain a Cuba visa for an approved reason only. You can go to Cuba to perform, study, visit family, for religious activities, for journalistic activities, for humanitarian projects, etc. Of course, the list is quite broad, so if you want to visit Cuba as a tourist, you can probably find an approved way to do so. At least for the time being.

    To obtain a Cuba visa, you will need to complete the Cuban visa application, submit a passport photo and proof of your travel plans. You will also need a valid US passport. With all of this in hand, you can get a visa that is valid for a period of six months and good for one entry into Cuba.

    If you need any help completing your visa application, we are always here to serve. Swift can help you complete your application and expedite your visa so that you get it in just five to seven business days. Learn more here, or contact our team for additional assistance.

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