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  • foodie travel destinations

    The 5 Best Foodie Travel Destinations

    foodie travel destinations

    Some folks travel mainly for the sights and sounds, while others go abroad for the food. It’s not tough to spot a foodie traveler, as they may come equipped with just as many menus as maps. Their souvenirs often include a lineup of tasty treats, and their favorite tourist stops are street fairs, food markets, and restaurants. In honor of all the foodies out there, here is a list of the five best foodie travel destinations you don’t want to miss.

    Paris, France

    foodie travel destinations paris

    Paris may as well top the list of foodie travel destinations since it’s always a given. Ten percent of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants call Paris home, although they’re not the only place to find delectable cuisine. Dining choices run the gamut from quaint cafés to classic bistros, with casual, affordable “bistronomiques” in between.

    Barcelona, Spain

    foodie travel destinations barcelona

    Whether you’re enchanted by the super-fresh seafood or the friendly, family-owned tapa bars, you’re going to fall in love with the cuisine in Barcelona. Options to try are the rice and seafood dish of paella, toast topped with grilled eggplant and red peppers known as “escalivada,” and “la bomba,” which is a potato croquette drenched in both garlic and spicy red sauces.

    Bologna, Italy

    foodie travel destinations bologne

    The entire country of Italy pretty much makes the top foodie travel destinations list, with the city of Bologna standing above the rest. Native Italians themselves rank Bologna as the place for the best Italian cuisine, earning it the nickname “La Grassa,” which means “the fat one.”

    Restaurant options range from no-fuss trattorias to fine dining establishments, with street marts and food shops peppered throughout the region. Bologna is also the birthplace of well-known delights such as Bolognese sauce and bologna sausage.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    foodie travel destinations copenhagen

    Copenhagen has quickly moved onto the list of top foodie travel destinations for four main reasons. The city is sprinkled with cafes serving the most flavorful coffee in all of Europe, as well as bistros furthering Copenhagen’s dynamic wine movement. It also boasts a hearty population of restaurants serving up fresh culinary combinations that include yet go beyond classic Danish fare. The final reason? The delightful desserts, of course.

    Oaxaca, Mexico

    foodie travel destinations oaxaca

    The city of Oaxaca is in the Mexican state of the same name, and it, too, is a rising star on the foodie destination list. Traditional fare found here is hearty, invigorating, and absolutely delicious. Just a few items you can find include things like chili-infused chicken soups, amazingly fresh street-vendor tacos, and intricate moles that invigorate all the senses.

    Whether you head for the more traditional foodie stops, like Paris, or go for a newbie, like Oaxaca, these five destinations will land you in foodie heaven. Now all you need to do is renew your passport if needed, pack your appetite, and go! Please feel free to contact Swift with any questions; we’re always happy to help.

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