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  • How to Renew a Passport

    If you have an upcoming trip and find that your passport is expired, you should start looking into renewing your passport as soon as possible. Applying for a passport renewal in time for your trip is crucial, considering that you may have to cancel your trip altogether if you don’t obtain your new passport before departure day. Renewing your passport can seem like a hassle when in reality, it’s a straightforward process when you have a knowledgeable team on your side.

    If you’re ready to get the passport renewal process started but aren’t sure where to begin, read on for everything you need to know about how to renew a passport:

    What is Passport Renewal?

    Passport renewals are good for anyone who answers “yes” to the following questions:


    • Is your passport still valid, or did your passport expire less than 5 years ago?
    • Is your passport in good condition and in your possession?
    • Was your passport issued in the U.S.A?
    • Were you 16 years of age or older when your last U.S.A passport was issued? Was it valid for 10 years?

    How Long Does it Take to Renew a Passport?

    At Swift, we believe that passport renewals should be a smooth and easy process for our customers, not complicated and frustrating. While some companies can take up to 12 weeks to process your passport renewal, Swift can process renewals within 4-6 weeks while guiding our customers through the entire process. We do our best to get you your passport renewal in time for your trip using our expedited passport renewal service.

    How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Passport?

    We’ve made our expedited passport renewal option affordable for everyone so that you don’t have to break the bank. The total cost for our 4-6 week expedited service is $315. This includes a $170 consulate fee, a $135 Swift fee, and a $10 processing fee. Please note that there may be additional fees on top of the costs listed above.

    How Long After Expiration Can You Renew a Passport?

    You should try and get your passport renewed as soon as possible after it expires. If your passport expired less than 5 years ago and was a 10-year passport, you are still eligible for a passport renewal. If you need to check the expiration date on your passport, it should be on the page where your name and photo are located.

    What Countries Can I Travel to With a Renewed Passport?

    There are many countries around the world that you can travel to with a renewed passport. If you’re looking for passport information for a specific country, you can visit the travel.state.gov website.

    What’s the Best Way to Renew a Passport?

    Swift is currently offering expedited passport renewal processing for adult passport holders only. Please note that you can expect the total processing time to be between 4-6 weeks for this option. 


    If you need a first-time passport, minor passport, or need to replace your lost passport, we cannot assist you at this time. The State Department is offering regular and expedited passport processing for new passports, minor passports, and lost passports. You can begin the process of obtaining one of these types of passports by following the instructions listed on the State Department website.

    Can I Renew a Passport Online?

    If you require an adult passport renewal, you can begin the process online by going to the Swift website and filling out the passport renewal application. Though you can start the process on our website, please note that there will be some paperwork that you will need to sign and send in. If you are looking to obtain a first-time passport, minor passport, or need to replace a lost passport, you can begin the process by going to the travel.state.gov website.

    Our knowledgeable team at Swift will do our best to make the passport renewal process as smooth and easy as possible for you. We’ll work with you the entire time so that you don’t become stressed out or overwhelmed. You can get started with your passport renewal today by visiting the Swift website. We look forward to getting you to your destination!

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