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  • I have My India ETA Visa, Now What?

    India ETA Visa

    If you applied for an India ETA visa and were approved, you will get a very simple piece of paper with your basic information on it (name, passport number, validity of the visa, etc). Print this information and keep it with your passport during your trip to India.

    Once you arrive in India you will pass through customs and provide your biometric data (electronic fingerprints). The authorities will then stamp your passport, and allow you to enter the country.  Due to the popularity of E-visas, you will need to allow plenty of time to get through customs.  Some of our clients have gotten through customs and fingerprinting in 30 minutes, and others have reported that there was a 3 hour wait.

    Make sure to check the validity of the ETA visa to ensure it is valid for the range dates you intend to be in India. Remember ETA visas are valid for two entries and valid for only 60 days.

    For more information about what to expect when you arrive to India with your ETA visa, please contact Swift Passport Services


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