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  • How to Acquire an India ETA Visa For Travel to India

    No matter if you’re traveling to India for business or leisure, you’re going to need to obtain an India ETA visa before entering the country. ETA visas are what India calls their online visas or e-visas. These types of visas have been around for many years and are frequently used for travel to India. At first, obtaining an e-visa may seem daunting, but you’ll soon find out that getting an India visa for your travels is a pretty straightforward process.

    Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know about acquiring an India ETA visa for travel to India:

    Who Provides India Visas?

    India visas are currently handled by a third-party company called Cox & Kings. Rather than applying in person, people from the United States can now apply for India visas through an online service handled by this company. Though India visas that can be applied for online are referred to as “India Visas on Arrival ETA,” these visas need to be applied for before traveling to India, so don’t let the name fool you.

    What does ETA Visa Mean?

    ETA stands for electronic travel authority. It’s an acronym that means you can apply for your visa online. ETA visas have been around for many years and are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Distributing visas to travelers online is a very effective way to collect visa payments and avoid long wait times at international airports. Rather than administering visas to travelers when they arrive at customs, using an e-visa system helps countries keep data on how many people will be visiting their country at any given time.

    How To Get an India ETA Visa

    When you’re ready to start working towards obtaining your India ETA visa, you can begin the application process on the Swift website. You’ll need to fill out and gather all of the required documents listed on the required document checklist, and pay the required fees. Once we have processed your India ETA visa, we will send it to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Swift at 312-929-2105 if you have any questions or concerns about your application materials. 


    If you’re looking to travel to India soon and need to obtain an ETA visa, please contact Swift as soon as possible to get the process started.

    Tips For Those Applying for an India ETA Visa

    There are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind while you’re going through the India ETA visa process, including the following:

    • People from the United States who are visiting India for business or tourism for 60 days or less are eligible to apply for an India ETA visa.
    • People who hold Pakistani passports or who are of Pakistani origin will need to go through the in-person visa application process.
    • You must have an active US passport with at least six months of validity left on it in order to obtain your visa.
    • You will also need proof of a return ticket or an onward journey ticket as well as sufficient funds to sustain you during your trip to India.
    • The visa will be valid for 2 entries over a 60 day period. The 60 day window starts when you enter India for the first time, and you must enter India for the first time in the date range indicated on the visa.
    • You can only obtain a maximum of two ETA India visas within the same year.
      • You are required to carry a copy of this ETA at the time of your first arrival in India.
      • e-Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible & not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted and Cantonment Areas. If you intend to visit Protected/Restricted/Cantonment areas, you would require prior permission from the Civil Authority. Please visit (http://www.mdoner.gov.in/content/rappap-restrictedprotected-area-permit) for more information.
    • Biometric details of the applicant will be mandatorily captured at Immigration on arrival in India. Many of our clients have reported that this can be a very long line!
    • Applicant can arrive at 24 e-Visa designated airports i.e. Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum & Varanasi and 3 designated seaports (i.e. Cochin, Goa, Mangalore). However, he/she can depart from any of the authorized Immigration Check Posts in India. The second/third (only for e-Medical Visa) entries are to be availed within
    • e-Visa is not allowed for employment, NGO/volunteer activities, journalism and conference purposes
    • This electronic travel authorization does not entitle you for guaranteed entry into India. Your entry can still be refused at the time of arrival, however we have never had this happen to a client.
    • You must carry a yellow FEVER VACCINATION CARD if arriving from yellow fever affected countries.

    Indian Tourist Update - 2021

    In November 2021, India reopened its borders to tourists for the first time since March of 2020. Those looking to visit India for tourism purposes must have a ETA tourism visa that was granted AFTER October 6, 2021. Unfortunately, you cannot use an e-visa that was granted before October 6, 2021. Those who are 5 years of age or older who are traveling from countries ‘at risk’ must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their flight, upload a self-declaration form on the Air Suvidha Portal, and take an additional COVID-19 test on arrival.

    While in India, do your best to take the proper precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe. Wash your hands often, sanitize your frequently touched items, wear your mask, keep your distance from others, and be respectful of those around you.

    If you’re planning to travel to India and need to obtain an ETA visa, please contact Swift as soon as possible to get the process started. We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have, and will work with you throughout the entire process to get your e-visa to you in time for your trip. We look forward to working with you!

    68 thoughts on “How to Acquire an India ETA Visa For Travel to India”

    1. Hi Rob, when applied for an e visa for India all went fine . When we received the”grant” we read it was valid for 60days. When applying we indicated clearly the dates of our stay which amounted to 65 days! Why did the system accept our application?without informing us of our over-stay and non-validity of our request.? The charges were quickly cashed for an obvious non-valid e visa. We had our flights and hotels reservations which are not changeable. Now we have to go through cancellation of e visa in order to apply for regular at the Embassy…but we need a cancellation doc from e visa system …but no one responds to our many requests! This is making our trip to India very difficult. Help get this cancellation Thanx Jerry. Lodestarjerry@gmail.com

      1. HI Jerry… India visas are typically valid from the date of issue, not based on travel date. You are eligible to apply up to 3 times in a year, so the easiest way to fix this is to reapply for the visas closer to your travel date. Waiting for a response from the Embassy is a long road.

    2. I received my “granted” E-visa the other day. My ETA expiry is November 7th. My husband and I leave Honolulu November 7th to India but we don’t arrive till November 9th. So it will be expired by the time we get there. Do I need to reapply for another tourist e-visa?

            1. Is it true, I can only apply for a tourist e-visa two times in a calendar year? So since I messed up on the dates, I only get one more chance to apply?

    3. Kayleigh Stockley

      Hi there,

      My partner and I applied for our visas perhaps a little early, our arrival date in Delhi is November 9th and our email states the expiry date of our ETA is also November 9th. Will this mean it remains valid until the end of the 9th or will be invalid on the 9th?

      Thank you

      1. Technically, it is valid on the 9th and you should be able to enter. However, that is probably not a situation you would want to put yourself in… it might be best to re-apply for a new ETA Visa

    4. I am traveling to India and will arrive November 3rd. My evisa ETA expiry says November 6th; so it will expire while I’m there. Do I need to reapply?

      1. The expiration date is the last day you are able to enter India on that visa. If you plan to go back at a later date, you will need to reapply for a new ETA Visa.

    5. I received my evisa with an expiry date of November 6th. I will be arriving November 3rd and leaving November 9th. I will arrive through Delhi and then on to Siliguri. I’ll be returning the same route. Is my evisa sufficient for this trip?

    6. Charndeep Chahal

      Good morning,
      I got my 30 days evisa approved, however the ETA expiration is 18 November 2019. My travel dates are 27th October 2019 to 25 November 2019. I precised calculated 30 dates and booked my travel.
      What does this ETA expiry means? it means i cant stay after 18th?

      1. So the expiration is the date that you need to enter on or before. You will then be able to stay in India for the 30 days, or however long Immigration allows you to stay. Hope this helps!

    7. Hi,I applied for a evisa probably a bit early and eta expiry date is 27th November 2019,I plan on visiting India on 26th November. Will it still be valid?

      1. Hello… if you are entering India on the 26th you should be fine entering and staying for the length of time they allow at Indian Immigration. Typically, 30 or 60 days.

    8. Hi there, I have received an email confirming “ETA granted”. What do i need to take with me to the airport in the US when beginning my trip to India? Will the airline accept the print out of this email as proof that i have a valid visa to India? They usually ask for OCI card or a Visa stamped in the passport. Would appreciate a response. thanks in adv!

      1. Greetings… there are instructions on what to print in that email, you will need to print that and bring with you to immigration in India

    9. Rob – I’m a newly naturalized US citizen and have a US passport. I previously held an Indian passport. As I apply for the India eVisa for a trip in Dec., do you know how to answer the “have you visited india before” & the previous visa details? My prior trips were as an Indian citizen, and I didn’t have a visa. Thanks in advance.

      1. Congratulations on becoming a US Citizen… The answer to this question is a complex one, here are some thoughts that should help you choose the best option. Since you were previously an Indian citizen, you’ve really never visited India, you have been a resident there. That being said, the ETA visa application is asking the applicant if, as a citizen of the US, have you ever visited India? Since you have not yet visited India as an American, “no” seems an appropriate answer for this question. The application form is also asking if your current citizenship (USA) was by birth or naturalization, and if naturalization, what your previous citizenship was. You should truthfully answer “India” here, which should provide all of the info they need.
        I hope this helps answer your question. One thing to keep in mind is that the Indian government will eventually want you to renounce your Indian Citizenship and start to apply for the OCI/PIO card.

    10. Hello! I was granted with e-visa for 30 days at double entry. My ETA day of expiry is January 6. I enter India for the first time on December 25 and the second time I enter India is January 12. Does that mean that I will be able to enter India on December 25 and then my visa will be valid for 30 days and I am safe to make my double entry on January 12? Or does it mean that I will be able to enter first time on December 25, but by the time of my double entry (January 12) my ETA will expire already and I will not be able to enter again?
      Thank you in advance!

      1. Hi… great question. The second point you made is correct. You will be able to enter on December 25 and stay up to 30 (sometimes 60) days. If you leave the country, that visa will no longer be valid. If you plan on being out of the country long enough, you could apply as soon as you leave Indian immigration on your departure. Hope this helps!

    11. Hi I’ve applied for my Evisa on December 10th and have not received my ETA as yet , I leave for india tomorrow – any insight what I can do ?

        1. Yes I applied myself and I did receive and acknowledgement. But eveyrtime I check the status it says processing and I travel tomorrow.

    12. I made the mistake of using a 3rd party to apply bc their website looked exactly like the official gov’t site. I realized my mistake and immediately submitted on the gov’t website and received a visa. A few days later the 3rd party website actually did their job and submitted for me and i got an email with a “rejected/redundant application” response. I can still access the original visa i was granted on the gov’t website, so can I assume it still valid? I’m supposed to leave in a few days and have been the CKGS and the Indian consulate and they have not been helpful.

      1. Great question, this is common… if the original visa that was approved when you applied is still valid, you are good to go with that.I would be sure to double check one more time

    13. I appreciate the response, I’m feeling relieved. My five year visa expired last month and this is first time I’ve had to go through the evisa process. Thanks!

    14. Hi. if my 30 day e-visa to India says the date of expiry of ETA is 23/Dec/2019. Does that allow me to enter until midnight on Dec. 23rd or midnight of Dec. 22? My flight arrives in Mumbai at 9:45pm on Dec. 22, 2019. If my flight is delayed or getting luggage is lengthy, then I may not walk through customs until Dec.23rd. Will they be flexible or can the e-visa be change. or should I re-apply for a new e-visa? I leave in 3 days. Thank you for any advice!Sharon

      1. Greetings, you will be able to enter until 11:59 PM on 23rd December. If your flight arrives on 22nd December, you should be good to go. Hope this helps! Safe Travels…

    15. Hello !
      I have 30 days e-visa , my ETA expired on 23 January but i will enter India on 24 January , is that ok enter or need to reapply ? Clarify please.

    16. Hello friends!

      I have 30 days e-visa , my ETA expired on 23 January but i will enter India on 24 January , is that ok enter or need to reapply ? Clarify please.

    17. If I have to reapply for a evisa due to my expiry date being the day before the flight lands will the old evisa be cancelled?

          1. The e-visa system will allow you to apply and should approve the new visa. This is a common scenario where travelers apply for the ETA as the old one is expiring.

    18. Hey Rob: My wife has applied Visa for 30 days to India. Dates 09.02 – 22.02.2020.
      Today she received an email that Date of issue of ETA :- January 13th,2020; Date of expiry of ETA :- February 11th,2020

      What exactly they mean ? She has to leave the country by 11.02 or she can stay during the time I mentioned above ? means entering on 09.02 and leaving on 22.02 ?
      Any response will be helpful.


      1. Hello Viplav, She just needs to enter India before February 11, 2020. she can then stay for the duration listed on the visa 30, 60 or 90 days.
        Hope this helps!

    19. Hi Rob,

      I made the fateful mistake of applying too early for my 30 day evisa and I am now applying for the 1 year one. In the previous visas section, do I put the number of the ETA of my now useless evisa or do I put the number of my previous evisa from 2 years ago? I really don’t want this evisa to be rejected

    20. Hey guys, my date of expiry for my Indian ETA is February 22nd, and I arrive on February 22nd. Does this mean that I can still enter the country on this day or is the 22nd the day that the ETA becomes invalid?

    21. Hello Rob,
      I am a born Indian Citizen and now a naturalized American Citizen. I plan to travel to India using a 1 year E-Visa and I believe a 180day stay is the maximum allowed. Do you think e-Visa is eligible for Renunciation Certificate/OCI application while I am in India?

    22. I am due to arrive in India at 11.40pm on the 19th Feb -My eta expires on the 19th Feb -what happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive in the early hours of the 20th -I phoned the visa people who advised me if I have proof of my aircrafts landing is the 19th I would be ok .I understand that if I attempted another Evisa application it would be declined as I have got one already .I am travelling on my own so somewhat worried

      1. Hi Elizabeth…. great question. You should apply for a new ETA visa. There should be no reason for them to deny the new visa. This would be the recommended course of action.

    23. HI Rob,

      Not knowing the situation with the ETA expiry, I applied for my e-VISA (eTourist, 30-day), at the earliest time it would allow.

      I am scheduled to arrive in Delhi March 12 at 9:45 pm and now have an ETA with an expiration of March 12.

      If my flight is delayed and we land past midnight (so March 13), what do they do with a tourist that shows up with an ETA that expired just moments before? I Do they put me on the next plane out of the country? Is there no procedure for such?

      If not, it seems I’ll need to shell out more cash for another ETA. I’ll have no time to do so when this one expires as I’ll either already be in Delhi airport or still in the air and on my way. Can I reapply anytime from “date of issue” to “date of expiry”? And can I reapply for the same type of e-VISA?

      Thank you for help and for the wealth of information you provide to so many people!

      1. Greetings… this has become a common question over the last few weeks. There are some conflicting accounts on what happens in the scenario you mention. Currently we have not had success confirming one way or the other. We would, however, suggest applying for a new ETA. Depending on whether your current ETA is the first ETA you have had issued, you should be able to apply for a new one, if you want to go the safe route.

    24. Thank you for your quick response.

      Yes, my current ETA is the first one I’ve applied for. I believe, in order to reduce the potential for a rejection of a “redundant ETA,” I should indicate an estimated date of arrival a few days past my original granted ETA.

      If that fails and I must fly in with my current ETA, what happens if I arrive a bit late? Say, within 24 hours of the expiry of the ETA? Surely they have something in place to deal with that situation?

      Thanks again for your help.

      P.S. I’ve tried writing to and calling the e-VISA Support email/phone line and they are completely non-responsive. 🙁

    25. New development:

      I actually made it through to an agent at their e-VISA Support Center phone number and explained to him that I am arriving the evening of the expiration date of my ETA and that I am concerned about what happens if the flight is delayed and I arrive after midnight.

      He indicated that as long as I have a flight ticket indicating the original expected flight arrival time, it will be fine.


    26. Is my son who is 8 weeks old and holds a US passport eligible for 5 year e- tourist visa? If yes, how long can he stay in India during his visit. Note: the parents are of Indian origin with Indian passport.

      1. You can apply for the 5 year e-tourist visa, however we aren’t seeing many of them being issued at this time. Immigration will most likely say that the baby needs to apply for an Entry Visa

        1. Thanks for your response. Here is an update from my end. We applied for my son’s e-tourist visa on Sunday and he was granted the e-visa on Monday. We received an email confirmation on this along with the granted ETA copy. Its states that he is approved with a e-visa for 365 days with multiple entries. He can stay upto 180days during a single visit. When you say – “Immigration will most likely say that the baby needs to apply for an Entry Visa” – do you mean at port of entry in India? Will they not let him enter the country on e-visa?

          1. They will allow entry for the validity of the visa. As I suspected the 5 year ETA wasn’t issued. The next time you apply for the tourist ETA, there may be a message indication that the applicant will need to apply for a traditional visa. Here is information about Entry Visas:

            An Entry Visa to India is granted in the following cases:
            1.If you are a PERSON OF INDIAN ORIGIN
            2. If you are a spouse or a child of a person of Indian origin

        2. Hi Rob,
          We applied for a 1 year e-visa instead of 5 years as we are planning on applying for his OCI card as soon as we are back from India. The idea behind applying for e-visa is to get the visa at the earliest as we plan to travel to India in the next 3-4weeks. OCI processing usually takes 6-8 weeks and it would be difficult for us to get the OCI before we travel.


    27. Parents are at Mumbhai airport their 30 day e visa expires at midnight but their flight isn’t until tomorrow (it’s the original flight booking Dad has miscounted days) any suggestions would be very gratefully received

        1. They were but have now arrived back in UK. They purchased earlier flights and were then allowed to check in. An expensive mistake but at least their home now.
          Thank you

    28. Hiya,

      I’m currently in India, supposed to fly back to UK on Wed (4th) but thinking of extending my stay for a couple of weeks.

      I came on a 30day tourist visa, valid 7thFeb-7thMarch but we entered on the 13th so it’s valid until the 13th.

      If I wanted to stay beyond that could I apply for another visa and would it be valid without my needing to leave the country and returning again?


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