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  • India Has Resumed Letting Existing Visa Holders Into the Country: Here’s What You Need to Know

    For the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, India has decided to resume letting in existing visa holders into the country. Although this is very exciting news for many eager travelers, there is a catch. While you can enter India if you’re an existing visa holder, you’ll have to present a paper visa. This means that if you have an e-visa, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

    If you’re someone who’s looking to enter India with an existing visa, here’s what you need to know:

    What Type of Visas Can Currently Be Used to Enter India?

    As of March 16, 2021, the following visas can be used to enter India.

    • Entry (X) Visas
    • Business (B) Visas
    • Employment (E) Visas
    • Student (S) Visas

    Once again, please note that these visas must be in paper form, not an e-visa, in order to enter India. 

    Which Visas Cannot Be Used to Enter India?

    Though the Indian government has lifted the suspension of entry (X) visas, business (B) visas, employment (E) visas, and student (S) visas, there are some types of visas that are still suspended as of March 16, 2021, including:

    • All e-Visas
    • Tourist Visas
    • Medical Visas

    You can stay updated on the suspension status of India visas by going here.

    What if My India Visa Has Recently Expired?

    If your India paper visa has recently expired but you’re still looking to travel to India, according to the Embassy of India website, an application to obtain a new visa will need to be made with the India Embassy/Consulate depending on where you are located. 

    You can learn more about applying for a paper visa by going here.

    Can I Travel to India For a Family Emergency?

    If you are someone who needs to travel to India for a family emergency, you will need to make an application with the India Embassy for an Entry Visa. After applying, your case will be reviewed and the India Embassy will decide whether or not you are eligible for an Entry Visa.

    How Can I Apply For an India Visa?

    As of March 16, 2020, Swift Passport and Visa Services is still unable to apply for visas. If you are looking to obtain an India visa, you will need to contact the India Embassy or Consulate directly. 

    You can find the contact information for the India Embassy here, and the contact information for the India Consulate here.

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