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  • innovative luggage of 2017 suitcase

    2017’s Most Innovative Luggage

    innovative luggage of 2017 suitcase

    Even if some airport inefficiencies can make you feel like you’re stuck in the 20th century, advancements in the luggage industry are light years ahead. Several brands are leading the charge when it comes to innovative luggage, with features and conveniences that may have never even crossed your mind. We hand-picked four of our favorite innovative luggage pieces, all of which are changing the face of the luggage industry.

    Away Carry-On

    Durable, sleek and touted as unbreakable, the Away Carry-On is leading the innovative luggage parade. The carry-on features 360-degree rotating wheels, two interior compartments, a bendable shell that refuses to crack under pressure, and a compressible laundry bag hefty enough to protect clean clothes from things like wet bathing suits.

    Our favorite feature? The built-in, 37 watt-hour battery that lets you charge your USB-port devices anytime, anywhere. We’re also big fans of the optional leather stickers that help personalize and identify your bag.

    Genius Pack Carry-On with Integrated Suiter

    If you thought Away’s compressible laundry bag was neat, just wait until you check out the one that comes with Genius Pack’s Carry-On with Integrated Suiter. The laundry compartment has a compression air valve to flatten the pile, along with a removable laundry bag and exterior laundry chute to quickly clear out dirty clothing on laundry day.

    Another innovative feature is the removable garment suiter integrated into the luggage’s top panel, primed to keep suits crisp and wrinkle-free. The suitcase also comes with a travel umbrella panel, built-in packing checklist, and exterior jacket wrap for safely storing your coat while dashing through the airport.

    Bluesmart Series 2

    One category of innovative luggage is smart luggage, or bags known for their high-end technology that helps makes traveling easier (not to mention more fun). Bluesmart had this category cornered with its Bluesmart One, and now the brand is introducing its Bluesmart Series 2.

    New features on the Series 2 luggage include a weight sensor to avoid overloaded baggage fees, a supercharger for all your devices, digital auto-locking, and an integrated GPS that lets you track your luggage anywhere in the world.

    Barracuda Carry-On Luggage

    Another innovative luggage line in the smart luggage category is Barracuda – we’re particularly fond of the Barracuda Carry-On. The sleek bag has fold-out laptop tray, which lets the bag double as a desk so you can get your work done anywhere.

    Other features include tracking capabilities through an app, a concealed USB port for charging your devices, and a 360-degree rotating handle that’s both ergonomic and shaped like a halo. The suitcase also collapses quickly and easily for convenient storage after use.

    Innovative luggage is just one way to make your business travel experience as fast and easy as possible. Other ways include making sure you have an updated passport and business visa at the ready whenever you’re ready to go. Contact Swift for more travel information – we’re always happy to help!

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