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  • Memotrips: The Mobile and Web Application That is Revolutionizing the Travel Diary

    Memotrips is a French startup that is reinventing the travel diary by making it digital, social, and fun!

    The free application gives travelers the possibility to create, save, and share their travel diaries. These travel diaries can be created based on a destination (trip around the world, by country, city, etc.), project, or even type of trip (road trip, camping, backpacking…). Each travel diary has a level of privacy that can be chosen by the user: public (visible by all), private (only those who follow the diary will be able to see and interact with it), or for personal usage where only the creator of the travel diary will have access to it.

    The social network for travelers

    Memotrips allows you to share your content, and therefore your trip, so that you can stay in contact with friends, family, and the public. Those who wish to follow your journey have the option to subscribe to your travel diary via push or email notifications. Your followers will be able to contact you by posting comments on your travel diaries or on a stage. Furthermore, your followers will be able to get recommendations, advice, tips, stories, or just news about your travels. In this way, Memotrips is a vital social network for travelers. 

    The offline mode

    During a trip, there is often very limited internet access outside of a hotel or café, which can make keeping a travel diary complicated. However, the offline mode of Memotrips allows you to use the full application without an internet connection. Whether this be for the creation of a travel diary, adding photos and text, or many other tasks, the application will be functional. Once you find an internet connection during a break at a café or at your hotel, the data that you added will be published online so that your followers will be able to watch your trip as it plays out. This allows you to make the most of your stay without worrying about completing a travel diary in the evening or a few days later.

    Not just a social travel diary

    Memotrips also gives travelers and those who follow them the option to create and order personalized products, such as calendars, post cards, and even photo books thanks to our partnership with Fujifilm. The traveler will be able to personalize these materials and add the photos that they wish. With these features, the goal of Memotrips is to transform your living moments into authentic, long-lasting memories.

    Are you leaving on vacation soon? Or searching for inspiration for your next destination? Need recommendations? Advice? Join this community of over 15,000 members and almost 8,000 travel diaries created.

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