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  • Traveling to Middle East

    What You Need to Know When Your Middle East Trip Includes Israel

    Traveling the Middle East can be tricky if you don’t know the ins and outs of each country. That is especially true when your travel involves going to Israel. The policies of most Arab countries differ when it comes to showing evidence that you visited Israel during your journey.

    Let us help. Our infographic, “Israel Passport Stamp and Middle East Travel,” is a comprehensive guide for helping you know what to expect when planning your Middle East trip, especially if Israel is on the itinerary. It includes:

    • Countries that you’ll have issues with if your passport includes an Israeli stamp.
    • Passport protocol for traveling to and within Israel.
    • What to expect when you enter Israel after you visit other countries.
    • Best practices regarding your passport when adding Israel to your itinerary.
    • And more!

    Israel Passport Stamp Infographic Banner

    Where Will I Have Issues with an Israeli Passport Stamp?

    Refer to this list when planning your trip to the Middle East. Some countries will deny entry to travelers with an Israeli passport stamp.

    Where Will I Have Issues with an Israeli Passport Stamp?

    Israel Passport Protocol

    Follow these guidelines to comply with Israel’s passport protocol.

    Getting Back into Israel

    Be prepared to face some additional questions when entering Israel.

    Getting back into Israel

    Best Travel Practices

    Ensure a smooth travel process with these tips.

    Best Practices

    Bonus Tip

    When putting together an itinerary, schedule Israel as your last visit to avoid any potential hiccups.

    Save Israel for Last!

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