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  • new travel technology drone

    The Coolest New Travel Technology Coming in 2018

    new travel technology drone

    Even though airplane seats seem to keep getting smaller, the realm of new travel technology keeps getting bigger and better. The coolest new travel technology of 2018 includes some fun and functional gadgets, as well as industry advancements designed to enhance the overall travel experience.

    Smartest Luggage Yet

    Smart luggage keeps getting smarter, and the CX-1 is at the top of the class. Introduced by ForwardX, this high-tech suitcase features facial recognition software and a wristband equipped with GPS. Put the two together and the luggage can follow you around through the airport, to the taxi stand, or anywhere else a suitcase can roll.

    If someone tries to snatch the bag, the wristband is designed to alert you while helping you track the thief. Not physically having to lug a heavy suitcase through the airport is reason enough to love this new travel technology.

    Sunglasses that Record Video

    The best travel moments are hard to catch on camera and even harder to catch on video. By the time you grab your phone or camera, choose the right setting, and go to snap the shot, the moment may have passed. This problem may now be in the past, thanks to Spectacles.

    Spectacles sunglasses feature functional sunglasses with a small video recorder built into the frame. The recorder is designed to record 10-second snaps of your day, which are then sent to your smartphone using the Snapchat app. The snaps are relegated to Snapchat Memories, keeping a database of your most memorable moments.

    Smartest Travel Drone Yet

    The Mavic Pro travel drone is one of the smartest travel drones to hit the market. Created by DJI, this drone features smartphone control, GPS, a 4K camera and video recorder, 11 flight modes, and nearly 30 minutes of flying time.

    You can fly the drone up to a distance of 4.3 miles, recording video or snapping photos along the way. It even has tripod and selfie settings, letting you capture miles-wide moments of your travel with minimal effort. This drone elevates travel photography and video to a whole new level, both literally and figuratively.

    Hi-Tech Hotel Features

    The travel industry as a whole is hopping into high-tech mode, with hotels eying different advancements to make your stays as convenient and luxurious as possible.

    Voice-activated devices are already in place at Acme Hotel in Chicago, letting travelers communicate with staff and glean information using an Amazon Echo device in the room. Instead of calling the front desk or heading to the lobby, all you need to do is ask Alexa about morning coffee hours, weather conditions, or setting a wake-up alarm.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another high-tech option hitting the industry, with an automated form of intelligence expected to replace human interactions in certain areas, like customer service. AI-equipped chatbots would be able to answer general questions and provide basic support faster, more conveniently, and 24 hours a day.

    With the power to save time, increase convenience, and make your trips more rewarding, this year’s new travel technology can help make traveling easier. Renewing your passport must still be done manually, although Swift makes the process a breeze. Contact us today to get your expedited passport in time for your international travels.

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