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  • Travel kit for planes

    On-Plane Travel Kit: Pack it Yourself

    Travel kit for planes

    Business travel often requires scurrying to a meeting right after landing, which means you need to freshen up while still on the plane. Pack your own personalized plane travel kit and you can readily take care of the freshening along with several other needs.

    The best plane travel kits will keep you comfy, healthy and entertained during the flight with a lineup of must-have items that should accompany you on every flight.

    For Freshening Up

    • Personalized touch-up kit: Pack a pouch with essential items needed to give you a meeting-ready boost. Include things like facial wipes or oil-blotting pads, lip balm, hand cream, face moisturizer, travel-sized lip gloss and mascara, a small hairbrush, perfume or cologne.
    • Toothbrush and paste: Go for the disposable, Wisp mini-brushes and you don’t need toothpaste – or even water – to give your mouth a refreshing boost.
    • Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers can eradicate germs while giving you a cool, fresh burst of energy.

    For Comfort

    • Sleep mask: A catnap on the plane can unwind your mind while making the flight pass in an instant. Go for a soft, comfy mask with a strap that stays securely in place.
    • Comfortable headphones: Block out noises with headphones or ear plugs, with the former doubling as a way to zone out to your favorite tunes.
    • Compression socks: Particularly important for longer flights, compression socks help improve blood flow in your legs to prevent swelling and blood clots.
    • Big, cozy scarf: Women can opt for a pashmina while guys can pack an oversized scarf. Either one does double duty as a blanket on the plane and accessory after landing.
    • Neck pillow: Review the wide variety of neck pillows on the market, then choose the one that suits your style.

    For Entertainment


    • Reading material: Grab that paperback, magazine or other lightweight reading material you’ve been meaning to dive into. Better yet, bring an e-reader with digital selections that take up even less packing space.
    • Tablet, smartphone or laptop: Play games, watch movies, listen to music or otherwise pass the time with your favorite electronic device. Yes, you can even do work if you must.
    • Battery pack: A phone case battery pack can extend the life of your smartphone while external battery packs can do the same for your tablet or laptop.

    For Your Health

    • Water: Bring an empty water bottle through security, then refill it at a drinking fountain before you board the plane. Staying hydrated during flights is vital, and the small cup of water you get on the plane typically doesn’t cut it.
    • Snacks: Skip the free airline pretzels or paying for a meal by bringing along your own stash of healthy snacks. Items such as nuts, roasted chick peas, trail mix, and granola work well.
    • Antibacterial wipes: Your plane travel kit already has the hand sanitizer to de-germ your hands. Antibacterial wipes do the same for the tray table, armrests, window area or anything else you might touch on the plane.

    The final item for your plane travel kit is a handy, organized pouch in which to pack all your on-plane essentials. Choose one that has room for everything you need yet can still fit neatly into your carry-on. Keep the pouch packed, updating the snacks right before your departure, and you’ll be ready to fly in a jiffy down the line.

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