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  • Our Top 10 Tips For Business Travelers

    The business travel industry took a huge hit when the coronavirus pandemic started, and since then, has struggled to get back to pre-pandemic levels. Thankfully, it looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Business travel is expected to make a huge comeback in 2022, with business travel spending expected to be over $1 trillion in 2022, an increase of nearly 37%, according to CNBC.

    If you were a frequent business traveler before the pandemic but found yourself traveling for business less during the pandemic, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. But we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to worry! We’ve put together a list of our top 10 business tips to make your upcoming business trip go as smoothly as possible. From getting your passport and visa early to staying safe while away on your trip – here are our top 10 tips for any business traveler:

    1. Get Your Passport Early

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, passport processing times vary, and you may risk having to delay or miss your business trip altogether if you don’t apply early. If you have a business trip coming up in the near future, you can obtain your new passport or passport renewal in 7-10 business days when you choose to acquire your passport with Swift. Please note that you must call ahead (312-929-2105) if you want to use our 7-10 business days option, as it’s being offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    1. Check if You’ll Need a Business Visa

    Before booking your plane ticket, you’ll want to check if you’ll need a business visa for your destination country. Many countries around the world require that you have a business visa, and you could be turned away if you don’t have a business visa on hand. You can check the complete list of countries that require you to have a business visa here

    1. Work With Swift to Avoid Stress

    Choosing to work with Swift for your next business trip will help you avoid dealing with the stress of obtaining a passport or business visa. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to get your passport or visa in your hands in time for your travels. We will monitor your application throughout the entire process and work quickly to fix any problems that may occur. We’ll do everything we can to take any stress off of your shoulders when it comes to getting you your passport/visa.

    1. Store Your Important Documents in a Safe Place

    It’s crucial that you store all of your important documents in a safe place while traveling. We recommend getting a travel document organizer and placing your passport, ID, business visa, cash, and credit cards inside. This way, you’ll be able to easily access these items whenever you need them, will always know exactly where they are, and can feel comfortable knowing that they are in a safe location.

    1. Research Your Travel Destination

    Before going anywhere, you should research the country that you’ll be visiting and become familiar with all of their rules and regulations. This is especially important to do if you’re traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. Specific destinations may have rules and regulations in place, such as having to provide proof of vaccination, having to quarantine, or having to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Know what you’re getting into ahead of time, so you don’t have anything unexpected come about.

    1. Pack Your Belongings in a Carry-On Luggage

    If you want to get through the airport quickly and efficiently when you arrive at your destination, we recommend packing your belongings in a piece of carry-on luggage rather than checking in a bag. When you’re traveling for business, you most likely have a lot of things that you need to get done in a short amount of time. Not having to wait for your luggage at the baggage claim will save you time and stress.

    1. Make Sure You’ll Have Access to WiFi

    Odds are, you’re going to need to be able to reach the internet while on your business trip. This is why you should always make sure that you’ll have access to WiFi while away. Call your hotel before leaving on your trip and ask if they have WiFi throughout the hotel. If for some reason they don’t, search online for a cafe or coffee shop near your hotel that has WiFi. 

    1. Prepare For Delays

    When traveling for business, it’s imperative that you plan ahead and prepare for any potential delays. We recommend getting to your destination a day before any scheduled meetings or conferences. This way, you won’t have to worry about running into any delays and potentially missing your conference/meeting altogether. Furthermore, leave a little bit early on the way to any events to account for delays such as traffic.

    1. Take Safety Precautions

    While you’re away on your business trip, be sure to take some safety precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. You can do things like washing your hands often, sanitizing your frequently touched items, wearing your mask in public, keeping your distance from others, and respecting those around you. Other precautions you should take include locking up your valuables in your room’s safe, staying in a low-crime area, and avoiding walking by yourself at night. 

    1. Pack Healthy Snacks

    You’re going to get hungry while on your business trip but you may also be on a time crunch. Pack some healthy snacks (a piece of fruit, nuts, cut-up vegetables) in your bag to bring with you to curb your hunger between meetings, after a conference, or to enjoy as a light lunch. Even if you don’t always have time to eat a full meal, you can hold yourself over with some delicious and nutritious snacks.

    Follow these 10 trips on your next business trip to ensure a smooth and safe journey. If you need a passport or business visa for your next business trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help answer any questions you may have and get the process started. As always, no matter where you plan on going, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your trip!

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